Daddy Yankee’s daughter posed on her back and with a built-in bikini until she couldn’t


Daddy Yankee’s daughter Jesaaelys Ayala did it again and this time she left nothing to the imagination after photographing herself from behind and in this swimsuit.

The Daddy Yankee’s daughter, Jesaaelys AyalaShe has more than one of us in love and this young woman with her sympathy, humility and beauty managed to win the love and respect of her followers.

Jesaaelys Ayala, daughter of Daddy Yankee

Jesaaelys Ayala She is so loved because on her personal Instagram account she never took advantage of the fame of her father, the reggaeton icon Daddy YankeeOn the contrary, she, in addition to surprising the whole world with her drastic makeover, has also distinguished herself as a professional make-up artist.

Despite being a pro in the art of makeup, she still offers her loyal fans video tutorials of the recreated makeup, so that everyone can learn at their own pace.

Isaiah She is also very active in social networks, this helped her to be able to communicate with those who follow her and this time, the beautiful youngest daughter of Daddy Yankee We fell in love when she posed on her back on the banks of a swimming pool and in a bathing suit, from her angle we could perfectly appreciate the tattoo she wears on her back. It is simply a beauty!

Jesaaelys Ayala, Daddy Yankee’s daughter in a bathing suit


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