Cuadrado organized a spicy press conference Colombia vs Uruguay Selection, Qatar 2022 Qualifiers | Selection of Colombia


Guess who I am! Juan Guillermo Cuadrado, alone, started his press conference before the duel between Colombia and Uruguay, for the Qatar 2022 Qualifier, covering the camera, with a Paisa accent, with the usual good mood.

The Antioqueño is the part of good energy before a key duel on the way to the next World Cup, an experienced, multifunctional man, indispensable in two different Selection processes and, in the end, one of those ‘gocetas’ that makes the difference within and outside the Court.

Cuadrado, seriously, began speaking with those who are not there: “We are sorry for the losses we have, they are very important players, who contribute a lot, but this selection is not only 25, there are always many, many willing and who they want to show that they can be like this. It is a great opportunity for them.

In his sector, the right, there will be a new colleague between Orejuela and Muñoz and he tells them: “We have known Luis for a long time, already with several matches in the national team, I recommend that he go out and do his job, have fun with responsibility and the pride in wearing the shirt of our country. I have not seen Dani personally, I have seen him matches in the national team, in Genk, I know he is multifaceted and gives vent to the team, I know he has the conditions to be there, you must be prepared if he has the chance to play “.

His secret cannot be disputed: “Trust in God, I take care of myself, I train well, I never put up a roof, I love football, I love what I do and I have the passion to always improve myself. God first and then the gift and talent he gave me to do what I do. “

Knowing that Uruguay is a tough opponent, Cuadrado recalls that he is not the first: “We have had games against great teams and we have achieved excellent results; we are going against Uruguay but we have the talent to play from you to you to anyone. We work to be more consistent but with professionalism and experience we will win every match every day, we are growing every time we have had difficult rivals and we show that we are ready for great things. “

His ability to adapt to all positions, as recognized by DT Queiroz, comes from his training and even gave him the role of Juventus captain: I am grateful to Nelson Gallego because he put me in different positions from a young age and from Ho I learned to play them when I was very young, always giving my best in one of them, I was known for playing in bands but I did it halfway too. And being the captain of Juve was a very nice moment, being the captain of one of the best in the world and in Europe is very nice, I will always keep it in my heart, trying to be a good leader on the pitch. “


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