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In the annals of technology history, few dates are more resonant than October 31, 2008. While many of us were preparing for Halloween Dolcetto or Dolcetto, Satoshi Nakamoto had a very different surprise in store for the world. It was precisely on this day, exactly ten years ago, that Satoshi published his now famous white paper, "Bitcoin: a peer-to-peer electronic payment system". Based on a new technology known as blockchain / DLT (distributed ledger technology), Satoshi's vision was one of a new era of financial freedom free of government or centralized control.

Technology and technological progress are integral parts of life, often taken for granted. As incessant as the progress of technology has been in recent decades there are few, if any, technological innovations that have had, or will have, a significant and widespread impact around the world as blockchain / DLT. In fact, many believe that blockchain / DLT will have a more profound effect on history than the age of iron, the industrial revolution and the Internet combined.

Originally designed to function as a transparent and reliable way to record data and transactions immutably, blockchain / DLT (and all cryptocurrencies that enhance blockchain solutions) can be integrated into sectors ranging from sports to entertainment, healthcare, to finance, real estate and agriculture. Blockchain / DLT is revolutionizing the way business is conducted by disintermediate intermediate parties, greatly improving efficiency levels, reducing transaction and delivery costs, improving transparency and drastically reducing data breaches and privacy violations. The positive impact this can have on the lives of millions – if not billions – of people around the world is truly remarkable.

Despite the many potential cases of blockchain / DLT, there are only two primary applications in use today – digital currency (the first of which was Bitcoin) and smart contracts. Although there has been a steady increase in the adoption of both over the past decade, there are still many challenges to overcome before cryptocurrency, smart contracts and the blockchain / DLT revolution are as ubiquitous as the Internet. Some of these problems and challenges are as follows:

  • How to overcome the challenge of empowering individuals and businesses to exploit the vast blockchain / DLT and cryptocurrency space.
  • Help people and businesses to participate in this space with ease and security.
  • Educating people about best practices, how to use technology and how they can significantly improve their daily lives.
  • How to choose the right trading or service platform from over 200 listed cryptocurrency exchanges, hundreds of encrypted portfolios and thousands of news, data and sources of information.
  • Overcome the challenges arising from the lack of liquidity in many trading markets, from highly volatile prices and from significant delays when it comes to carrying out transactions on exchanges between encrypted and fiat currencies.
  • Avoid the pitfalls that derive from doing business in an unregulated market or with unregulated companies, with the vast majority of cryptocurrency exchanges classified as such.
  • Improve customer experience and facilitate trade in an industry known for lack of product integrations and innovations.

What is fundamentally necessary is a shift from the use of separate services for storage, news aggregation, market insights, data analysis, investments and expenses, and bringing these interconnected services into a & # 39; unique platform, unified, reliable and performing.

It is with these challenges in mind that CryptoZink it was conceived

Combining the best features of a centralized platform with the most valuable components of a decentralized exchange ("DEX"), CryptoZink is the hybrid digital exchange that allows users to purchase, sell and securely manage cryptocurrency. By enhancing cryptocurrency trading experiences and tackling each of the previous problems and challenges, CryptoZink will introduce a new user-centered trading era that redefines the niche for all players in this space.

The key components and features of the CryptoZink platform are described below.

  1. The platform's native digital asset, the ZINK token, will be launched and matched to all currencies and tokens on the exchange. All transactions will be carried out in ZINK tokens, giving traders and investors a liquid secondary market.
  2. Intuitive, secure, secure and reliable services that use enterprise-level security, two-factor authentication (2FA), fingerprint authentication, and secure offline storage options for end users will help you avoid hacks and security breaches that are common in cryptographic space.
  3. Extended customer support. CryptoZink will implement customer support focused via email 24/7, live chat and Zendesk support with a guaranteed response time of two hours or less.
  4. With the creation of a world-class training platform, CryptoZink will further improve trading experience to the benefit of beginners and experienced traders. An extensive library of content will be created using highly qualified cryptocurrency / blockchain educators and professionals and subject matter experts. The educational platform will provide users with interactive access to webinars, online lessons, in-person workshops and individual tutorials so that users can independently follow and set their own learning objectives. The ZINK token awards will also be given to users who demonstrate progress and commitment to the learning experience.
  5. Another important aspect of the CryptoZink ecosystem is an aggregator of cryptocurrency news, data and analysis. By making CryptoZink users available in real time and predictive information on cryptocurrency, at the click of a button, the platform will completely transform the way the world deals with cryptography. The aggregator will also help users overcome the challenges posed by a lack of trust and a general lack of credible educational material in the encrypted space. Some of the services provided by the news aggregator include market comparisons, tokens and tokens, news updates, data on GitHub, information on volumes and trading prices, regulations and information on social media related to specific tokens or projects and more yet.
  6. Establish paid extraction activities. Whenever a producer or buyer pays a transaction fee to CryptoZink, the producer or payee receives ZINK tokens in an amount equal to the transaction fee, thereby encouraging trade and giving traders an alternate income stream alongside (or in place of) capital gains and day -to make profits.
  7. Finally, CryptoZink has created a unique stablecoin. While the ZINK token will be the platform's native digital asset, CryptoZink will also design and create a stablecoin called Zink Vault ("ZVLT"). ZVLT will provide shelter to investors seeking to exit volatile cryptocurrencies in favor of a stable alternative, without the need to leave the platform to buy fiat currency. The ZVLT is pegged to the US dollar with 1 ZVLT token equal to 1 US dollar. It will also be diversified by connecting a number of other safe assets such as real estate or a mixture of raw materials. CryptoZink will develop and employ automated software algorithms to ensure constant parity between the US dollar and ZVLT.

In the Internet era, companies have the power to adapt or die – be Blockbuster or Netflix. This should be the case in this new paradigm. Those who do not exploit the power of blockchain / DLT are likely to face similar results in the not too distant future.

As an emerging thought leader in space, CryptoZink presented its solution along with 40 other high profile companies and projects in the Blockchain Summit of Malta, the industry leader, 1-2 November 2018.

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