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Do not rely on Da Hongfei for updates from the NEO community: Blockchain blogger

On his average blogDylan Grabowski, a writer of blockchain projects, clearly explains how to be updated with information on developments in NEO chain. He says that we need to gather information from the developers rather than from the head of the network. In the case of NEO, Da Hongfei's search for information is not the right thing to do since it is only directing the NEO network and not exactly building it or developing it. Read more

EOS answers and explains why studying by stating EOS "not a blockchain" is misleading

A recent study of "the world's first blockchain testing company," Whiteblock, said EOS it is not a blockchain. EOS Hong Kong (HKEOS) recently denied all these statements in an interview, striking at Whiteblock. The conclusion of the published study, according to reports, comes from several secondary conclusions such as the "homogeneous distributed database management system" of EOS is not cryptographically validated and "suffers from consensus failures".


Bitcoin increases the risks of market crash: BAML

Second to the strategists of Bank of America Merrill Lynch, Bitcoin highlights a growing risk of market crash. They mentioned that with the volatility in the rising crypto market there are signs that a bear market must go further. On Thursday, Bitcoin hit a minimum of 13 months. Together with Bitcoin, Brent crude oil from the oil market fell to a minimum of 8 months. The US Bank also advised its customers to "sell events". Despite the good performance of the stock market, the positioning by investors mainly of institutional investors was not negative enough to state that the market is at the lowest possible level. Read more

The IOTA Foundation welcomes its new research council

According to an IOTA blog post, the IOTA Foundation presented some members of their research council on Thursday. This research group is one of the largest in organizations related to Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT). The IOTA research group consists of research professors, doctoral researchers and scientists from around the world who are currently leaders in their own profession. The new Research Council will be composed of members who will oversee the work of the research group. Read more

TRON Foundation announces a $ 1 million DApp construction event

TRON Foundation Thursday did a ad via Twitter that would conduct a $ 1 million program to build a DAP on TRON. The dubbed program TRON Accelerator aims to emancipate developers and take care of innovation within the blockchain industry. "We are empowering developers by releasing #TRONAccelerator, a $ 1 million USD program that aims to drive innovation in the #blockchain industry. Build your DApp on #TRON, shape the future! $ TRX," tweeted the TRON Foundation. Read more

Hackers used the third-party software app to promote Bitcoin scams on Twitter

According to a TNW relationship, Twitter confirmed that it was a third-party software provider previously used to hack verified accounts to post fake Bitcoin free link. Recently Target is G-Suite he had fallen prey to hackers. The hackers had Bitcoin attached to provide links on each of the accounts. However, Twitter has not commented on the name of the software vendor. Read more

The TRON network accounts exceed 600,000 in 143 days: Justin Sun

With TRONdevelopments and results have become a daily affair, and its founder, Justin Sun, makes sure that the community learns everything. Recently, Sun took Twitter to announce that the mainnet accounts on the network exceeded 600,000. Sun also noted that TRON achieved the enterprise in just 143 days. Read more

Two ICO start-ups agree to register tokens as securities after liquidating the allegations with SEC

The US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) recently announced that two cryptocurrency startups have solved expenses with the SEC and have agreed to register their initial coin offer ICO tokens as titles. Reportedly, these are the first cases of the Commission in which civil sanctions were imposed exclusively for ICO titles that offer registration violations. "Both companies agreed to return funds to damaged investors, register tokens as securities, report periodically to the Commission and pay penalties," noted the SEC. Read more

Bitcoin money forks are extracted with huge losses: BitMEX research

A Bitmex search indicated that both Bitcoin Cash forks, Bitcoin Cash ABC [BCHABC] and Bitcoin Cash SV [BCHSV] they are extracted to significant losses. The research hypotheses have been exposed in a Tweet published by the Bitmex research arm. "Although the ABC SV subdivision is fun, we estimate that SV miners are burning $ 280,000 a day by extracting the SV chain," said the tweet. Read more

Director of Ethereum Classic on why ETC is neglected in the debate on the killers of Ethereum and the "practical solution" to the problems of scalability

The director of Ethereum Classic, Anthony Lusardi, in a recent interview shared how the token is often overlooked when people talk about alternatives for Ethereum [ETH]. According to Lusardi, when they started, they had no resources and they have come a long way from there. Indeed, the first year, he said that the Ethereum Classic the team focused on trying to get everything together while keeping the people's perception behind it. Because people focus mainly on Ethereum and Bitcoin – because they are coins with the best performance. Read more

Binance Coin (BNB) to be now accepted by 2.3 million traders as it integrates with CoinPayments

Binance Coin [BNB], the native token of one of the world's largest cryptographic exchanges, Binance integrated with CoinPayments. This is a huge incentive for the fourteenth largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization as the payment gateway has more than 2 million merchants in 182 countries, supporting over a thousand crypto-oxides. Coingate took on Twitter to announce the new integration. Read more

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