Cryptocurrency Web Miner App to earn profits?

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Less than a decade after the release of Bitcoin, a series of cryptographic coins like Zcash, Ripple, Monero and Ethereum has Crypto popped up has brought a ray of hope to those who possess them. The blockchain technology that powers these coins has led to a new method of trust. All parties using the blockchain can access data transparently.

The current situation Gath3r seek Improve

The rise of the crypt has coincided with the increase in consumption of social content, in addition to which most webmasters now rely on advertising revenue, however the advertising revenue has been a great success with the increase in ad blockers, it has reduced revenue from websites and app owners.

Another problem is that companies, which manage the monetization markets online, impose their terms at their discretion and determine what they are willing to pay as commissions. often unfair and is often based on regional purchasing power.

In this case, blog owners, sites and even apps are looking for solutions to help them recover lost revenue. I'm also looking for a new method that can help them earn smarter ways.

Gath3r Gath3r is a new generation web miner developed to solve the problem of dependence on advertising revenue. This project will offer an alternative method of monetization. The non-intrusive nature of this webminer will allow for integration without compromising the user's experience.

A unique feature that distinguishes Gath3r from others is a reward system. The system encourages visitors to visit sites and make money. The result is that sites can double their target audience and the potential user base.

A new block in the Gath3r network can be enabled only after the complex code, called hash, has been activated. This code is what makes it unprofitable for an attacker to attempt to hack a blockchain. By distributing the Gath3r code on a site and app, it will free you from advertising revenue. At the same time, you will make good use of the unused GPU and CPU computing power for site visitors.

How Gath3r Works

Once integrated with your platform, the code will allow you to earn Bitcoins based on passive cryptography mining users with unused CPU and GPU. The process is completely safe and non-intrusive thanks to the Gath3r safety features integrated into the miner. Since each user must choose to participate in the process, you will be able to trust him. The system will then reward the webmaster with payments. This payment can be in BTC, token or, if possible, in cash.

The Gath3r script is based on the PPLNS reward system. Therefore, Gath3r and the miner's users can share risks and benefits. There is the intention to continue with the development and expansion of the functionality. This will be possible by adding various features in the future. For example, they plan to add a paywall program. This will allow webmasters to collect payments in Gath3r tokens instead of site mining.

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