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Cryptocurrency Ransom calls for cybercriminals to increase; Be vigilant

Cryptocurrency Ransom calls for cybercriminals to increase; Be vigilant

The security of digital asset owners has been a challenge since the beginning of cryptocurrencies. Today, these market participants face a high volatility and the risk of being hacked, thus losing their stored digital currencies.

Online cyber frauds are becoming milestones to acquire cryptographic assets from their legitimate owners. Trends show that hackers are not leaving any stone unturned and have led to representation through popular social media sites to steal unsuspecting investors.

As of last year, cryptojacking cases were the dominant form of crime within this arena, but the situation is slowly changing. Cryptocurrency redemption they have been a security threat as criminals collude with computer fraud to extort payments for individuals kidnapped in cryptographic coins.

Cryptocurrency Ransom Threats

In recent weeks, there have been cases of kidnappers calling for the ransom in a cryptographic form. One example is the wife of a Norwegian tycoon for which cybercriminals have requested $ 10 million from Monero for his release. Another case concerns an American whose family had to pay $ 1 million in BTC as an agreed redemption, but were not returned in good health as agreed.

At the moment, there is a case of a missing gambling business whose family has paid a ransom in BTC but has yet to find the loved one. Mr. William Sean who owns 5Dimes, an online gaming platform, has been MIA for the entire Q4 of 2018.

The business man has disappeared during a visit to Costa Rica and the police have yet to resolve the unknown. This was mainly slowed by the lack of communication following an interruption by the criminals once redemption It was made.

In the case of the wife of the Norwegian tycoon, the authorities intervened and asked the victims not to make the Monero payment to the private individual. Instead they led to gather information from the public to track down criminals. By the end of 2018, a good number of US citizens had received bombardment threats from BTC, even though they were subsequently rejected by the New York police and the FBI.

BTC Ransom Threats; Anyone can be a victim

Most are the times when we overlook a problem because we have never experienced it or been challenged. However, when it comes to Bitcoin redemption cases anyone can be prey to such schemes.

Scammers are witty enough to use data analysis and send information that will get the expected reaction. For example, one can reactivate an email that has been hacked and can be saved from this scenario by sending the & # 39; hackers & # 39; to a specified amount of encryption. It can take many forms, including the fact that your information was obtained while you were browsing online.

Cybercriminals reach the reach of exposure threats for information they claim they have acquired without your knowledge. The most common cases often involve images or videos that are convinced will be leaked if not compliant. The prudent thing to do in this scenario is to relax and evaluate the credibility of the threats provided by cyber criminals.

In most cases, it turns out that they are only taking advantage of the ability to manipulate your thoughts and take advantage of the vulnerable situation that you believe has been inserted.

Recently, an e-mail was distributed to people residing in Paradise Vally, Arizona. His details included threats of exposure to infidelity, this involved a good number of people who are not loyal.

They were under pressure to send a certain amount of BTC to computer fraud, although the authorities managed to save them from the headache after confirming that it was a hoax. In summary, crypto became a new form of redemption taking its vulnerability to illegal activities on another level.

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