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Erik Finman's life is like a dream. He is the youngest Bitcoin millionaire in the world. Its digital wallet stores more than 400 BTCs, which cost $ 20,000 for a coin at $ 8 million.

From a schoolboy to a millionaire Bitcoin

The story of Erik Finman began in 2011, when he was 12 years old. Young received $ 1,000 from his grandmother for college. However, the boy decided to invest them not in education, but in Bitcoin. He was confident that the digital currency had a great future and so he would have, if he bought BTC. A schoolboy bought Bitcoin with all the money his grandmother gave him, with the price of $ 12 for a coin.

The first million Erik earned at 15 years. Prior to this, the future millionaire, he argued with his parents that he would not go to college if he had earned his first million before the age of 18. When the Bitcoin rate increased for the first time in the summer of 2017, Finman became a millionaire. After that, he entered into business.

In 2013, Erik's capital was valued at over $ 100 thousand. This fortune pushed the boy to retire from high school, to start his own business. Moreover, the young man was convinced that the secondary school provided a low quality education.

"I had these teachers who were all negative.A teacher told me to quit and work at McDonald's because that was all that would cost me for the rest of my life.I think I did the dropout part." He said Erik in the CNBC interview.

The young entrepreneur founded his online education platform Botangle, which helped young people find suitable teachers for the lesson through video chat sessions.

January 2015 was a remarkable for the boy. He sold Botangle for 300 BTCs, whose rate at the time was $ 200 per coin. The buyer also offered the boy $ 100 thousand in exchange for the business. However, Erik was convinced that it was much more promising to make a cryptocurrency agreement.

"My parents asked me" Why do not you take more money? "But I thought more of an investment." – Finman explained.

You can ask, what's the trick? And it really is capture. After all, the guy for $ 100 thousand could buy 500 BTC instead of 300 BTC. But he chose cryptocurrency, because the official transaction is accompanied by some difficulties with which minors could not cope.

Today, December 2018, Erik has about 400 BTCs at his disposal, and the Bitcoin rate varies between $ 4,000 per currency. That is, Erik's luck does not exceed $ 2 million. Despite the fact that experts like Warren Buffett I am confident that the cryptocurrency is a bubble that is about to burst, the young man He says:

"Personally I think bitcoin will be worth from two hundred thousand to one million dollars per coin"

Some believe that the young millionaire suffers from paranoid syndrome. After an increase in popularity and capital, Erik is obsessed with the security of his assets. For example, it divides its capital into various super-secure portfolios.

Bitcoin lifestyle millionaire

Erik bought a house in West Hollywood, where it is close with the young YouTube stars and the IT elites. Well, and as usual happens, the boy has his head turned from his luck. The first evidence that Finman "came off the tracks" was the reusable rental of Lamborghini sports cars.

Madness did not last long. During this period of vertigo, the boy did not insert his diamond teeth, he did not fill the wardrobe with his clothes. By the way it is half empty. The millionaire dresses are very inconspicuous: t-shirts, shorts and jeans.

Erik hated the school so much, that when he bought a car, it was indicative that he had chosen a number with his average grade of school certificate – 2.1 GPA.

All of Erik's relatives have higher education, so they really want their children to get a higher education. But, a bet is a bet, and besides, the guy is not going to college under all circumstances:

"The purpose would be to get another level of education and get a job." I had to learn through managing a company. "Instead of writing essays for the English class, I had to write emails to important people. " – Erik said. "The way the educational system is structured now, I would not recommend it, it does not work for anyone, I would recommend the internet, which is all free, you can learn a million times more on YouTube and Wikipedia."

The young millionaire eats at Polo Lounge, In-N-Out Burger and other restaurants, depending on his mood. In his spare time from work, the boy travels. He likes to rest on distant continents, in particular Dubai.


Now Finman is responsible for managing his investments in Bitcoin and his family.

The vision of the young millionaire on the future of cryptocurrency

The world's first cryptocurrency by capitalization is not the only digital currency that constitutes the millionaire's capital. Litecoin and Ethereum are also in reserve.

If the young man believes in the future of Bitcoin, the future of the creation of Vitalik Buterin still doubts. Erik he believes that the growth of Ethereum depends on speculation on the encrypted market.

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