Cryptocurrency market update: Ripple xRapid sends 20% more XRP

Markets have recovered slightly; XRP, Cardano, Tron and Chainlink on a roll.

Crypto markets recovered slightly after yesterday's ten billion dollar landfill. Total capitalization has slowed slowly to $ 200 billion and is about to break it. A big pump yesterday added $ 8 billion to the markets.

Bitcoin increased marginally today, around 1.2% to $ 6.370. BTC is facing resistance at the $ 6,400 level and needs to break through to see further gains. Ethereum was much more volatile and rebounded 5.5% in the last 24 hours to trade at just over $ 210.

Almost all the altcoins were downloaded yesterday, but most of them are recovering today. Looking at the top ten XRP is rising with a 20% pump on the day to trade at $ 0.328. The Ripple native token nearly regained all losses in the last month at this time. The announcement that Ripple Labs would launch its xRapid liquidity platform as early as next month has set the machine in motion while traders are once again on XRP. The market capitalization for the world's third largest cryptocurrency has risen by more than $ 13 billion, as the volume has risen from $ 250 million to $ 700 million.

Other altcoins are doing well in the top ten at the moment include Cardano up 13.5% to $ 0.072 which brought him back to Monero in ninth place. Stellar did not hurt today with a 5% gain on the day and the rest rose 2-4 percent.

In the top 20 Tron is leading with a 7% gain after Binance announcing the TRX / BNB trading pair. Dash, Tezos and Nem are all up 4-5% on the day and Iota is the only red coin that drops by one percentage point.

Chainlink is getting the biggest pumping of 22% in the first hundred because it has just been listed on Bithumb. Ardor, Maker and Dragonchain increased by 11-13% during the day. At the top of the red list, Aurora is downloading 25%, followed by FunFair and Steem, which both lose 6%.

The total capitalization of the crypto-market rose by just over 3% in the day to $ 198 billion. It briefly exceeded $ 200 billion a few hours ago, but has slightly decreased. Since Wednesday 2018, the minimum of $ 186 billion of markets has regained 6.5% at current levels.

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