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From a great vision of crypto utopia, from the impact of Bakkt on Bitcoin and an update on Ripple and XRP, here are some of the stories that are interrupted in the world of Crypto.

Crypto Whale Plots Blockchain Utopia

A mysterious whale crypt is focusing on creating a blockchain utopia in the United States. Blockchains LLC, a company owned by the millionaire crypto Jeffrey Berns, bought a huge plot of land in Nevada for $ 170 million this year.

As reported by the New York Times, Bern has huge ambitions for the land, which is larger than the city of Reno.

"Imagine a kind of experimental community that extends for about one hundred square miles, where houses, schools, commercial districts and production studios will be built.The fulcrum of this gigantic project will be the blockchain, a new type of database introduced by Bitcoin. .

Berns managed to win local officials who wanted economic development. The governor of Nevada, Brian Sandoval, read a proclamation that he named the Blockchains property "Innovation Park" at an event last month in which Mr. Berns sat on a panel with the governor and Elon Musk, Tesla's managing director. "

Project Rendering / Designed by Ehrlich Yanai Rhee Chaney Architects and Tom Wiscombe Architecture


Alex Krüger, a cryptocurrency trader and analyst, says the launch of the Bakkt cryptographic platform will likely trigger the recovery of Bitcoin in 2019.

Krüger delineated a series of predictions in a chronological sequence.

  1. Bull run on Bakkt and renewed narrative of the approval of the ETF at the beginning of 2019
  2. The ETF denied February 27, a massive accident, goodbye 6k, hello 4k, cleaning of all weak hands
  3. The narrative and corrections of Halvening 2020 lead to a sustained upward trend for the rest of 2019 and 2020


Google CEO Sundar Pichai says his 11-year-old son is digging Ethereum on his family's desktop computer. As reported by Business Insider,

"… Pichai said his 11-year-old son was using the family home PC to extract ether, Ethereum's blockchain-based cryptocurrency.

Pichai explained that his son had to correct him recently, saying, "I was talking about something about Bitcoin, and my son made it clear what I was talking about Ethereum."

Ripple and XRP

Ripple gave a brief overview of how MercuryFX is using RippleNet to speed up the speed of cross-border payments quickly.

Meanwhile, the well-known cryptographic exchange based in Canada, CoinField, claims to have listed XRP, with 20 base pairs in 61 countries.


Tron has released a review of all seven coin burns initiated by the platform since he launched his blockchain.

The coins burned have removed the TRX ERC20 tokens obsolete from circulation. Coins are no longer needed now that most TRX tokens have migrated to Tron's new blockchain.

litecoin is expanding its service that allows anyone with a basic cell phone to send Litecoin via a text message.

According to the team, support for Telegram and Facebook Messenger is now available.

"Those who already have an account can import their existing wallet simply by logging in. Meanwhile, Facebook users now have direct access in an easy and secure way, send, manage and invest in Litecoin."


The Ledger hardware wallet manufacturer is integrating the IOTA.

"The Ledger Nano S hardware portfolio will allow users to protect private keys that give access to their IOTA tokens in a secure chip at the forefront.

Ledger hardware wallets integrate with the Trinity and Romeo IOTA wallets and isolate the user's seeds (the key to their account) from their computer or smartphone, providing an additional level of security from hackers. Users will be able to validate transactions on their Ledger hardware portfolio as part of the security protocol. "


The Pixel Master game of EOS pixel art is officially completed.

The game allows users to spend EOS to paint a pixel on a community canvas. When the space on the card has decreased, the price of each pixel has increased, which has led to the cost of one pixel reaching about $ 25,000.

In the end, the platform says that users spent 163,423 EOS, worth about $ 842,000, in the creation.

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