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Crypto Market slowly raising its head, Bitcoin turning green with some other coins

In the last two days, the market has suffered a carnage while Bitcoin has fallen below $ 4,300; now there seems to be a pause


  • Top-10 gainer so far
  • Top-20 gainer

Saturday, November 24, the sun seems to have risen above the encrypted market, leaving many of the top 100 to become green. However, only a few coins from the top 10 clubs showed a price increase.

Top-10 gainer so far

Bitcoin (BTC) it is now trading at $ 4,340, showing a slight increase of 0.12%. Its 24-hour market volume is currently $ 4 191 707 844.

Bitcoin Cash (BCH) it is currently in the hands of $ 205.5 after an increase of 1.65%. Many believe that the main cause of the sharp decline in the market was the recent currency fork that was divided into two different fields and activities: BCHABC and BCHSV. The former seems to have won so far, after gaining support from most of the major mining pools, including Bitcoin BTC.com and Bitcoin.com from Roger Ver. The current volume of trading is $ 104 653 265.

However, only a few hours ago, the increase was greater: 3.06%, as was the price – $ 206.25.

The largest BCH trading activity takes place on Upbit; the total volume of BCH exchanges is $ 27.5 million. In second place is Binance, with a BCH trading volume slightly higher than $ 10 million.

Tether (USDT) it also showed a slight gain, with an increase of 0.06%. The currency currently costs $ 0.98 per unit.

Binance Coin (BNB) now open to over 2.3 million merchants after working with CoinPayments

Monero (XMR) it gained 1.34 percent; the current price is $ 66.34. Today, however, the increase was 3.03%. The current trading volume within 24 hours is $ 13 657 171 and the market capitalization volume is $ 1 100 848 673.

Most of the XMR trading is currently performed by Bithumb ($ 80.227 mln). It is followed by Binance, where the volume of XMR exchanges amounts to $ 1,982 mln.

Top-20 gainer

Tron (TRX). Although this coin is not part of the top 10 list, the team headed by Justin Sun is doing its best to get the TRX there, and in the summer they have been successful for a while. The currency is currently on sale at $ 0.0137 after a gain of 0.61%.

The most recent news from Tron has been that Kobe Bryant, a former NBA star, will give a speech at the niTron DLT event hosted by the Tron Foundation. The main trading volume of TRX is currently performed on OKEx and Binance.

The other gainers on the top 20 list include IOTA, NEO, Zcash and Bitcoin Gold.

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