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Crypto Investor: Bitcoin can retest $ 20,000 with the next wave of adoption

Since Bitcoin (BTC) has violated the monumental price target of $ 20,000 and subsequently crashed, the mass cryptic investors tried to determine when the asset would repeat the five-digit test. While a number of cryptographers have speculated, by launching their cryptic forecasts on the Twitter crockpot, the date of the next parabolic rally is still elusive. However, most industry commentators, many of whom have a vested interest in BTC, are sure that the top cryptocurrency will continue to function.

Alistair Milne, Chief Investment Officer of the Digital Currency Fund, addressed this thinking process through comments from recently published social media, in which he stated that Bitcoin accentuates an "asymmetric" risk profile.

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If Bitcoin runs again, FOMO "will be bigger than ever"

Milne, a crypto-friendly entrepreneur based in Monte Carlo, went on Twitter on Saturday to emphasize why he is "still confident" about Bitcoin, who was beaten to hell and dates back to 2018. Milne, which boasts over 62,000 followers on Twitter, he noted that the first investors in BTC used to speculate that the business was an "asymmetric investment opportunity".

Now, as made clear by the comments of Mark Yusko and Anthony Pompliano of Morgan Creek, Bitcoin's asymmetry has become a reality, not just a quixotic dream. Milne has touched on this, explaining that now that there is more certainty about clarity / clarity around cryptocurrencies, along with the fact that BTC has fallen more than 80% from its all-time high, "the asymmetric opportunity" It is absolutely explicit ".

More specifically, probably referring to the dichotomy between the predictions of the cryptic analysts, the member of the C-suite Digital Currency Fund noted that BTC could continue to lose "and / or possibly repeat its historical maximum … at a minimum".

He explained that each wave of adoption, with 2017 being the most recent, is an "order of magnitude bigger than the last". As such, if cryptographic assets' valuations begin to impact, the number of consumers increases, coupled with an exponential increase "HODL & # 39; ers" price expectations push BTC over $ 20,000. Milne's pseudo-forecast was not only marked by the number of participants in the sector, as the Munich-based investor continued to touch the fundamentals of the industry.

Rebelling a recent joke by Chris Burniske, a partner of Placeholder Ventures, that mainstream consciousness has lost track of Bitcoin, Milne noted that the resource has reached "general awareness". So when BTC shows signs of life, monumental quantities of FOMO start showing its beautiful face. Milne added that the institutional preparation work that will be done will also help push BTC towards new heights.

Do not doubt the 2.0 gold

In subsequent comments, Milne, a self-proclaimed skeptical altcoin, added that Bitcoin also saw his store of value proposal (SoV) become more apparent. More specifically, he noted that Bitcoin investors are now "very aware that BTC is like exchanging gold with a leverage of 100 times", along with the fact that the inflation rate of the peak cryptocurrency will be lower of that of the precious metal. And since "nobody seems to doubt the utility of gold," Milne added that they should not question the potential of BTC, the de facto digital version of the asset under the care of Fort Knox.

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