Crash Bandicoot special items arrive today from Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1 + 2


The first crossover between the beloved Crash Bandicoot franchise and Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater

From this Friday (6) the players of Tony Hawk’s professional skater 1 + 2 find 13 thematic articles from Crash Bandicoot available in Create Your Own Skater, as well as many other new features in the game update. Items come via an update and include Crash and Coco’s specials, nine shirts, three hats, and a shape.

  • Charitable Birdman Pack

In addition to cosmetic items, the game receives Charitable Birdman Pack, which features the classic and additional Birdhouse and Powell-Peralta shapes that weren’t originally included in the game, as well as a new exclusive TSP shape, created specifically for charity. This pack of 10 shapes in Create Your Skateboarder will be available as DLC until 12/31/2021 or when USD 500,000.00 is raised. It is worth noting that 100% of Activision of these sales will go to support the construction of public skate parks for disadvantaged communities.

  • Blast with every Skateboarder in Solo Tour

Players will also be able to play Tour again with each skateboarder, allowing them to maximize the stats of each of their favorite pros. At the start of each solo tour all achievements and medals are reset, while the current tour mode will be “Crew Tour”, so no progress will be lost

  • New challenge sets, customization, and more

The new Multiplayer Achievements, Create Your Own Course and Combo will reward the player with lots of XP and play money to spend in the Skate Shop, and experienced players can reach level 100 and earn XP faster. Multiplayer playlists will also be improved for better randomization of clues and scores, in both Rolês and Competitive

  • Create a fan favorite shape of the contest

Three talented fans have won one online competition to have your art in shapes Create your own skateboard. Now all players will be able to use these works of art.

Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1 + 2 can be purchased for R $ 199.00 through the Microsoft Store.

Purchase Crash Bandicoot 4: It’s About Time via the Microsoft Store.

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