Covid-19: Portugal with 73 more deaths and 6,087 confirmed cases – News


In the past 24 hours, 73 deaths and 6,087 new confirmed cases of covid-19 have been recorded in Portugal. In total, the country currently has 4,876 deaths in 318,640 confirmed cases of the disease caused by the SARS-CoV-2 virus.

In hospitals, there are 66 fewer people (total of 3,229) in general hospitalization and 9 fewer people (total of 517) in intensive care units.

73,561 cases are active, 151 fewer than on Friday. Compared to yesterday, 6,165 more people were recovered, bringing the total to 240,203.

The northern health region has more new cases (3,000) and deaths (43).

These data are part of the situation report released this Saturday afternoon by the Directorate-General for Health (DGS).

Data from the epidemiological situation in Portugal indicate that the number of new cases registered today (6,087) is the highest since November 27, the day when 5,444 new infections were reported from SARS-CoV-2, which causes covid-19 disease . –

Health authorities have 77,197 contacts under surveillance, 446 fewer than on Friday, according to data, which indicate 6,165 more patients healed, a number that today exceeds the new cases of contagion. Since the outbreak began in Portugal in March, 240,203 people have recovered.

Of the 73 deaths recorded in the past 24 hours, 43 occurred in the North, 20 in the Lisbon and Vale do Tejo region, eight in the Centro region, another in the Alentejo and another in the Algarve.

According to the DGS bulletin, the Northern region is the one that records the highest number of new SARS-CoV-2 infections in the last 24 hours (3,000), for a total of 167,463 cases and 2,343 deaths since March.

1,980 new cases have been reported in the Lisbon region and the Tagus Valley, with 104,448 cases of infection and 1,706 deaths so far.

In the Central region, there have been 866 other cases of covid-19, with a total of 32,362 and 629 deaths since March.

In Alentejo, another 106 cases have been reported, for a total of 6,643 cases and 123 deaths since the outbreak in Portugal.

The Algarve region reported 88 new cases today, for a total of 5,617 cases and 55 deaths.

In the autonomous region of the Azores, 27 new cases have been recorded in the last 24 hours, for a total of 1,149 infections detected and 18 deaths since the start of the pandemic.

Madeira registered 20 new cases. Since March, the autonomous region has registered 958 infections and two deaths.

Confirmed cases are spread across all age groups, with the highest number of infections between 20 and 59 years of age.

The new coronavirus has already infected at least 140,233 men and 172,315 women in Portugal, according to data from the DGS, according to which 6,092 cases of unknown sex are being investigated, as this data is provided automatically.

Of the total number of victims, 2,545 were men and 2,331 women.

The largest number of deaths continues to be concentrated in people over the age of 80.

Portugal has been in a state of emergency from 9 November until 8 December, a period during which there is a mandatory curfew in the counties with the highest risk of contagion.

During the week the curfew must be respected from 23:00 to 05:00, while on weekends and public holidays the circulation is restricted from 13:00 on Saturday to 05:00 on Sunday, and between 13:00 on Sunday and 05:00 on Mondays.

The covid-19 pandemic has caused at least 1,519,213 deaths resulting from more than 65.8 million cases of the infection worldwide, according to a report made by the French agency AFP.

Azores with 105 cases in the last 24 hours

The Azores recorded 105 cases of infection with the new coronavirus in 24 hours resulting from 1,398 analyzes carried out and mass screening in the village of Rabo de Peixe, the Health Authority announced.

According to the daily release of the Regional Health Authority, in São Miguel, where 98 cases were recorded, 27 occurred within the previously identified transmission chains, 16 resulting from rapid tests.

There is still a new case to be evaluated, two new cases arising from a new transmission chain in Ribeira Grande, also involving rapid tests, and 68 new mass screening cases in Rabo de Peixe, not linked to pre-existing chains, concerning a rapid tests.

Nine recoveries were recorded on the island of Terceira, 12 in São Miguel, one in Pico and the other in Flores.

The Health Authority points out that the region now has 43 active transmission chains, with 457 positive positive cases, 310 in São Miguel, 123 in Terceira, two in Pico, one in Faial and one in Flores.

To date, 1,233 cases of new coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 infection have been detected, with 19 deaths and 694 cases recovering.

Seventeen people had been hospitalized, seven at the Hospital do Divino Espírito Santo in Ponta Delgada, nine at the Hospital de Santo Espírito in Ilha Terceira, two of whom were in intensive care and one at the Hospital da Horta.

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