Covid-19 expert warnings; thick clothes, ventilate your room


With the arrival of the winter months, cases of cold can lead to many infections that can let the immune system down. Noting that the coronavirus loves the body with weaker immunity, Internal Disease Specialist Dr. Docente “It turns out that it is important to avoid diseases such as the flu and pneumonia. Therefore, it will be in your favor to choose thicker clothing against the cold and that they can be a shield between you. For this, you can choose clothes with multiple layers. “


Explaining that people are usually afraid of losing room temperature in cold weather, Dr. Lecturer Member Alihan Oral, “Mostly we avoid ventilating our rooms by opening windows. While this affects the air quality indoors, it can also cause virus trapping in your room. Recently, especially patients with coronaviruses living or working in the same environment show the importance of this situation. “Providing room air circulation at least once an hour in the office or at home will reduce the risk of contracting the virus,” he said.


Recalling that the time spent watching television increases as the winter months arrive, Oral said: “We all love to hug our blankets and watch movies. However, the decrease in physical activity in winter is a factor that directly affects the immune system. For this reason, even if it cannot be done outdoors, it is possible to use physical exercises at home. Activity should be increased and the immune system should be strengthened.


Recalling that the consumption of unhealthy foods, which are called junk food, causes both unnecessary weight gain and a weakening of immunity, Oral said: “At this stage, it is recommended not to choose foods of animal origin, to take in the body products low in calories but high in protein and vitamins. Try taking vitamin C. This will help you fight infections during the winter months, “she said.


As we get used to living with the coronavirus, people have now eased the measures against the coronavirus, internal medicine specialist Dr. Lecturer Alihan Oral, the latest member, made the following warnings:

“But it should not be forgotten that the coronavirus is still a type of virus that has no drug in the world and we are only just getting to know it. For this reason, social activities should be stopped and the masks should not be removed. Do not remove the masks. it is much more important than all other measures. The virus you will take at the same time as the mask. This means that even if you actually take the virus, you can easily overcome the disease. Do not neglect individual measures to protect yourself and your loved ones. “


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