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Could Blockchain be as big as the cloud?

As the Blockchain technology is coming into play more every day, one wonders if this is the next big paradigm shift in technology.

Case Kuhlman, CEO of the blockchain and the Monax software house, made it clear that this could be the case.

"What cloud platforms like Salesforce (CRM) and others have traditionally done is separate the software installation on a particular computer with the ability to interact with that software, which was a fundamental change for device mobility and a whole host of other things, "he explained. "What blockchains do, they sit behind an application and allow us to divorce a single data set or system operator with that data set or system, so in other words, now a group of companies, or an ecosystem can collaboratively manage a system. "

As the ecosystem matures and more and more companies like Walmart (WMT) and IBM IBM begin to use their specific blockchain applications, the technology could become destined to become ubiquitous as clouds are.

Such a standard could create a boom for industry, even if its cryptocurrencies come to a halt.

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