Corona turned out to be the enemy of the virus. Instant improvement with aspirin


The promising statement about aspirin, which affects nearly 50 million people worldwide and is an enemy of the corona virus, has come from England. Scientists have announced that aspirin could be good for the corona virus and that trial studies have begun in this direction.

According to the news of the Sözcü newspaper, As drug and vaccination studies continue in many countries to eliminate the emerging coronavirus in China, British scientists have released a statement that stunned the international public.

An initiative composed of the world’s leading scientists said the drug called aspirin, which is well known to the public in daily life, could be effective as a potential solution for the corona.


Scientists have suggested that aspirin’s anticoagulant property, which dilutes blood and is predominantly preferred against headaches and fatigue, can cure those infected with the virus. Peter Horby, the scientist who led the research, “There is a clear approach that aspirin will be effective. Additionally, aspirin is safe, inexpensive, and common. he used the expression.


Saying that aspirin may work in coronary patients, experts said using aspirin in the treatment process can prevent clots that can occur in patients with Covid-19.

It has been claimed that the scientists conducted a study to examine the effect of aspirin on patients with Covid-19. The 2,000 volunteers participating in the study will receive 150 milligrams of aspirin per day and their health changes will be observed during this process.

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