Corona antibody test at dm: this is how the home test kit works


Pharmacy chain dm now offers a corona antibody test for at home. The test is intended to demonstrate a past infection and is only useful to a limited extent.

Hamm – The news is currently spreading like wildfire in the media: al Pharmacy chain dm customers can now have one Corona antibody test of the brand cerascreen to buy. The test should be a file past infection Prove with the coronavirus, the result comes out loud dm from a laboratory. But first it must be emphasized: the test shows no acute infection for. It should just say if the antibody tested against SARS-CoV-2 has in the blood.

SARS-CoV-2 Medical name of the virus
COVID-19 Name of the disease caused by the virus
Coronaviren / Crown Name for a family of pathogens. There are several corona strains

Corona antibody test at dm: this is how the home test kit works

The Antibody test there is also Online only to dm buy in Branches not available. It is a so-called “dispatch kit” which contains everything you need to get a file blood sample at home, we read in the product description on the homepage of dm. Cost: € 59.95 plus shipping costs.

And this is how it should work: Anyone who has ever measured blood sugar will know the procedure for drawing blood. With a Lanzette you should prick your fingertip blood sample comes in a tube. The instructions for use explain the process in more detail, says a dm. Then you have to go for the Antibody test on the page or app of cerascreen to record. Then a “short questionnaire” on previous illnesses and complaints should be completed.

Corona antibody test at dm: the blood sample is sent to a specialized laboratory

The blood sample will then be mailed to one of the with a return envelope partner medical laboratories from cerascreen skillfully. According to its own information, the company operates “with accredited specialized medical laboratories”. There the sample will therefore be “specific IgG class antibodies against the virus SARS-CoV-2“Investigated.

The test person receives the result via the app or user account on the home page. This should 12 to 48 hours after receiving the sample take in the laboratory. “The report tells you if the test came back positive or negative, that is, if antibodies against SARS-CoV-2 were found in your sample,” says the product description.

Strong cerascreen the test has a high reliability and is comparable to the Sampling at the doctor. Furthermore, there is a high level of informational value by measuring the long lived IgG antibody.

Corona antibody test at dm: immunity after infection not guaranteed

But why a past infection with the Coronavirus do the test? cerascreen speaks of “greater certainty that your body has developed antibodies against SARS-CoV-2 and is infected with the coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2)”. In addition, the test would avoid a possible risk of infection from a visit to the doctor or medical staff.

With viruses like SARS-CoV-2 can the formation and retention of Antibodies for immunity to conduct. This was the great hope at the start of the corona pandemic: anyone who has been infected once is immune to the virus. The immunity after infection is unfortunately not fully tested. Research is still ongoing to find out how long antibodies remain in the blood of an infected person. Reports are contradictory, there are cases of multiple infections, experts disagree, reports. *

Therefore, the product description of Corona antibody test from cerascreen contain a warning: “Currently, a positive antibody test not yet immunity to the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus can be ended. Regardless of the test result, precautionary measures such as the AHA (keep your distance, pay attention to hygiene, wear a daily mask) must be strictly observed. “

So who has one with such an antibody test positive result he shouldn’t be sure he’s immune to the coronavirus. And if you get a negative result, you can still get sharp with the Coronavirus be infected.

Corona antibody test at dm: this is the cerascreen manufacturer

cerascreen is itself a certified manufacturer of medical products and “offers health diagnostics, advice and care from a single source,” the website states. The company also offers one online Coronavirus PCR-Test via throat swab. Strong Daily mirror warned the Professional Association of German Laboratory Doctors (BDL) but already at the end of September before that Corona self-test. They are not “a useful addition to the national testing strategy” and the fight against the pandemic must remain the responsibility of doctors.

The number of crowns also continues to grow in North Rhine-Westphalia. Is there a threat of blockade in North Rhine-Westphalia? Christian Drosten and Karl Lauterbach have an idea. With the numerous people recently infected, a number of contact persons must currently be quarantined at home. Rules and guidelines are not always completely transparent.

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