Corona: According to a new study, this symptom indicates an infection, in contrast to the common cold and flu


Autumn is the cold and flu season. Or is it Covid-19 after all? A current study can help differentiate corona from cold and flu-like infections.

  • Runny nose, cough, fever: What symptoms indicate a cold, which indicate a Covid 19 infection *? There is uncertainty.
  • A new London study has put corona-infected patients on common symptoms examined.
  • A symptom occurs particularly frequently and is very likely to indicate one Corona infection down.

Cough, runny nose, muscle aches: at this time, in the typical Cold season, many people aren’t sure: is it just a small cold, a flu, or is it also a corona infection?

The University College London (UCL) published a study that can provide greater clarity in the assignment of symptoms. As a result, patients who have been infected with Covid-19 are certain of it Symptoms on, including one that especially often occurs.

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Cold, flu, or corona: You should pay special attention to these symptoms

There are many different symptoms that coronary patients can suffer from. Unfortunately, many of them also appear with colds and flu-like infections, which makes differentiation difficult at first. In the London studio, the Symptoms of having Covid19 infected subjects divided according to their frequency:

  • Chest pain: 87.1 percent
  • Difficult breathing: 85.3 percent
  • headache: 84 percent
  • Muscle aches: 83.5 percent
  • Suda: 67.2 percent
  • stomach ache: 74.6 percent
  • to cough: 72.7 percent
  • temperature: 72.4 per cent
  • Burning throat: 69.6 percent

The problem: all of these symptoms could refer to both Cold, flu and Covid-19 infection Clues. But the more of these symptoms a patient has, the more likely it is to have a corona infection.

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This unusual symptom is very likely to indicate a Covid-19 infection

UCL researchers also noted that one symptom is striking 80.4 percent the infected person is quite unusual for other diseases such as colds and flu: the Loss of smell and taste. Head of studies Rachel Batterham concludes that “the loss of smell and taste is a very reliable indicator of the likelihood of someone having Covid-19”.

His recommendation: Governments around the world should consider this symptom as a criterion for self-isolation, testing and contact identification to help contain the pandemic. So if in the near future you can no longer smell everyday smells and can no longer taste food, this could be strong Indication of a Covid-19 infection to be. Then you should definitely take the test. (mad) * is part of the national network of Ippen-Digital publishers.

Source: UCL

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