Corona: 11,409 new infections and 42 other deaths in Germany


D.According to the Robert Koch Institute, health authorities opened early Tuesday morning 11,409 new corona infections within one day reported.

On Tuesday a week ago, the number was 6868. With 14,714 new infections, a new high was reached on Saturday since the start of the corona pandemic in Germany. The death toll exceeded 10,000 over the weekend.

The current values ​​are only partially comparable with those of the spring, as now many more tests are carried out and consequently more infections are discovered.

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A total of they have spread nationwide since the start of the pandemic, according to RKI 449.275 People infected with the virus (starting October 27, 12 noon). The number of Deceased related to the virus increased by 42 by Monday a total of 10,098. The RKI estimates that around 326,700 people have now recovered.

The reproduction number, in short R., was included in Germany according to RKI’s management report on Monday 1.37 (Previous day: 1.45). This means that ten infected people infect nearly 14 other people. The R value represents the infection rate approximately one and a half weeks earlier.

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In addition, the RKI provides a so-called management report Seven days R. on. The value refers to a longer period and is therefore less subject to daily fluctuations. According to RKI estimates, this value was included on Monday 1.30. Shows the infection process from 8 to 16 days ago.

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I am Coronavirus-Hotspot Baesweiler in Aachen, North Rhine-Westphalia, the key figure for new infections has continued to rise. On Monday, the region of the city of Aachen reported a value of 554 new infections per 100,000 inhabitants within a week for Baesweiler. On Friday the code number for Baesweiler was still 328. In the city of around 27,000 inhabitants, a strict catalog of measures applies. Muslim communities suspend Friday prayers until October 31st. The city region explained that voluntary renunciation of prayers is very helpful.

A spokesperson for the city region pointed out that the infection number of 554 in Baesweiler was a mathematical variable. There are currently 144 active corona infections. The entire region of the city, to which nine other municipalities in addition to Aachen belong, had given on Monday a value of 199 new infections per 100,000 inhabitants within a week.

Crown in Europe

The number of new infections in Italy On Sunday, the number rose to 21,000 within 24 hours, as announced by the Ministry of Health. Several cities and regions of the country had previously imposed night curfews to specifically prevent young people from gathering outdoors.

The number of new infections in France it crossed the 50,000 mark for the first time over the weekend. In total, at least 52,010 people were infected with the new corona virus within 24 hours, health authorities announced Sunday evening. On Saturday there were more than 45,000. 116 new deaths have also been reported since Saturday. This means that at least 34,761 people have died in connection with the coronavirus since the start of the pandemic in France.

The numbers could grow to 100,000 new infections a day, warns the head of the scientific committee that advises the French government. “There will probably be more than 50,000 cases a day,” says Jean-François Delfraissy for RTL. “We suspect (…) it will go more in the direction of 100,000 a day.”

According to the information, more than 2570 people are currently being treated in intensive care units. At the height of the pandemic in the spring, there were more than 7,000 patients. In the past 24 hours, 1,298 people infected with corona were admitted to hospitals and a total of 16,454 people with symptoms were in the clinic on Sunday.

As the second European country after Spain France surpassed one million coronary infections on Friday. The French government wants to keep the situation under control, including extending the curfew to two thirds of the population. As of Saturday, 46 million French people are not allowed to leave their homes between 9pm and 6am. The regulation initially applies for six weeks.

Despite exit restrictions, new corona infections remain Czech Republic to a dramatically high level. On Sunday 7,301 confirmed cases were added, as announced Monday by the Ministry of Health in Prague. This was the highest number on Sunday since the start of the pandemic. There are generally fewer tests on weekends. The number of deaths related to Covid 19 disease recorded since March has risen to over 2200. The Czech Republic has a population of just under 10.7 million.

The Dutch Health officials announce 10,343 new cases of the infection, a new record. In total, more than 300,000 cases are known.

Corona in the world

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All over the world have been shown to have more than, according to John Hopkins University 43.3 million People infected with the coronavirus. The number of deaths linked to the virus rises to over 1.15 million. Since the first known cases in China in December, the virus has spread to more than 210 countries and territories. Most infections register it USA, India, Brazil, Russia and France.

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The US Pathology Centers CDC announces an additional 63,195 positive tests and 380 new deaths. So far, a total of 8.6 million positive tests and 224,601 deaths have been recorded in the United States.

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Colombia has become the eighth country in the world to cross the threshold of one million coronavirus infections. As the Bogota Ministry of Health announced Saturday, they were finished in one day 8800 New infections registered. The total number of infected people has increased 1,007,711. Colombia has the third largest number of coronavirus infections in South America after Brazil and Argentina. Spain was the first EU country to register more than one million infections with the new corona virus on Wednesday. France crossed the threshold on Friday.

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