Corina Chiriac celebrates 71 years, giving her fans a little glimpse into her home


“Dear ones, I started celebrating today! I wish you all health and happy birthday Dumitra and Dumitru! Until another goodbye, I’ll post more photos!” The artist wrote on Facebook.

The photos added by the artist also give a glimpse of the fans in his home, arranged in a rustic style, as it looks

Corina Chiriac is known for songs like “Strada Speranţei”, “Inima ta” or “Mama, nur mama”, being one of the most loved artists in Romania in the last decades. In an interview with TVR2’s “Breakfast with a Champion”, he recounts the episode of his departure for California, where he remained for 5 years.

“I left with a signed contract with a Romanian-American company that organizes events for the Romanian Company in California. To extend my visa, I was given a fictitious contract on a television in Northern California, where I appeared and where he I kindly asked the employer to make me this contract.

I stayed with friends for a year until I got a job, until I started earning monthly – because otherwise I was earning sporadically, singing here and there in Romanian communities and was very poorly paid. I mean, we got $ 75 a night, on three schedules, at a Romanian restaurant. But there was money, conditions in which I moved from month to month with some friends … ”said the artist.

More details on Corina Chiriac’s story across the ocean can be read in the material OK Magazine.

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