CoinPayments announces support for Bitcoin Diamond


3 July 2019 ( –
CoinPayments payment gateway announced in ablog post that it added Bitcoin Diamond (BCD) to its list of supported currencies. Traders will now be able to use CoinPayments' library of plugins, APIs and interfaces to conveniently accept Bitcoin Diamond payments.

In 2013, CoinPayments became the first payment processor to provide support for altcoin. Since then, his list of accepted currencies has expanded to hundreds. The company offers a range of cryptographic e-commerce tools, payment processing and portfolio service.

"We are proud to have BCDs in the list of coins supported by CoinPayments," said BCD community leader Carl Shicun. "We have always been committed to making BCD the best cryptocurrency to use for daily transactions and this gives BCD owners even more options."

In the last year, the Bitcoin Diamond Foundation has made considerable efforts to advance the profitability of cryptographic e-commerce. In August 2018, it launched BCD Bazaar, an online market that only accepts cryptocurrency. In January, it sponsored the launch of the cryptographic e-commerce platform and coinChimpion and subsequently launched the BCD Pay Pay portfolio, which features a database of BCD merchants that will now include CoinPayments merchants.

Information on CoinPayments

CoinPayments is a payment processor that allows merchants to accept Bitcoins and hundreds of altcoins in their store through easy-to-use plugins, APIs and interfaces. With over 2.2 million users in 182 countries around the world, is the most complete multi-cryptocurrency platform available online.

About Bitcoin Diamond

Bitcoin Diamond (BCD) is a Bitcoin fork created to solve slow transaction confirmations and high threshold requirements. Through BCD Pay, entrepreneurs are able to offer their products to a global market without having to absorb expensive commissions from international payments or worry about costly chargebacks by undecided or fraudulent customers.

In 2018, BCD debuted BCD Bazaar, an international market that offers customers access to a wide range of products from all over the world by accepting payments in Bitcoin Diamond (BCD) or Bitcoin (BTC).


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