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Coinbase is easily one of the largest and most popular trading platforms on the market with over 9 million active users registered in June of the current year. This means that getting a list on this exchange always compensates a huge deal for any cryptocurrency with additional support.

Coinbase listed dozens of different tokens and currencies in the period when it started with live trading, including almost all the best currencies in accordance with market capitalization, except for Ripple (XRP), which was omitted despite fact that XRP is holding the place of the third largest currency for quite some time.

The situation where Ripple XRP was missing an announcement about this exchange also created a small-scale drama in which the Ripple foundation was said to also offer millions of dollars in exchange for Coinbase and Gemini in order to gain a list of these important exchanges, however , representatives of the foundation are dismissing this insinuation as nothing but a voice.

In any case, with regard to the case of Ripple XRP and Coinbase, the alleged listing drama, Coinbase has recently added Ethereum Classic, helping it to skyrocket and reorganize its objectives regarding ETC and the network.

Furthermore, Coinbase is changing their pricing policy, so the question is what does it mean for Ripple and XRP?

Coinbase is changing the pricing policy: could it be the green light for XRP?

In addition to being known as one of the largest platforms with a wide range of users from around the world, the San Francisco-based stock market is also known to have a very strict listing policy.

Even after announcing an initial list of any currency, Coinbase takes weeks and months before it can officially confirm the listing as each candidate currency must go through a wide range of tests that are designed to confirm whether the currency is compatible with the support of Coinbase or not.

This is the way in which Coinbase's listings are considered to be exclusive with an average of 80% of gains that come in the form of an organic price pump with each quotation.

However, Coinbase is changing the listing policy as announced about a week ago in a post on the official blog published by Coinbase representatives.

The new policy allows any currency to submit the quote request so that Coinbase can decide whether or not to add the list of live trading currencies, which will result in having more currencies than those listed on this stock exchange.

So far, Coinbase, although one of the largest trading platforms on the market, has a very limited list of commercial currencies, offering only trading and support for Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Litecoin (LTC), Bitcoin Cash (BCH) ), and from the recent case, Ethereum Classic (ETC).

Therefore, fundamentally with the change in their policy, Coinbase hopes to expand the list of available currencies and tokens, thus supporting a greater exposure of different digital resources, remaining faithful to their strict criteria even if the submission of the request for quotation is now available.

Since XRP is interested in acquiring a list on Coinbase, what does this standard mean for XRP?

Can Ripple reach the Coinbase list after the listing policy has been adjusted?

For now, the policy says that requests to submit for Coinbase listings are made to be free, while it is a case that this could also change to prevent the scam coins from sending requests to the exchange.

Coinbase has already expressed its interest in some important resources such as Cardano (ADA) and 0x (ZRX), however, they have not mentioned the interest in Ripple XRP.

However, as the policy has been modified to allow for quotation requests, the Ripple Foundation, if still interested, would be able to send its request to Coinbase.

Each currency that goes ahead with the submission of the request must then go through the Digital Asset Framework, which is a test designed to determine if the candidate currencies are eligible to get a quote on Coinbase.

Within the framework designed to evaluate currencies, Coinbase is testing the decentralization, scalability, technology, financial system, as well as overall compatibility with the mission and values ​​of Coinbase, before adding the currency according to the request for quote.

In the event that the Ripple Foundation decides to give it a try and send the quote request, the XRP must be tested prior to the official announcement of the listing by the Coinbase representatives. However, if Ripple XRP is still interested in acquiring a quote on Coinbase or not, it is still not a clear case.

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