Co-founder of Ripple, Chris Larsen, on Crypto & # 39; s Killer App and the future of XRP


Ripple co-founder and executive president, Chris Larsen, is revealing his vision of the crypto's path to the mainstream.

At the Crypto finance conference in Half Moon Bay, Calif., Larsen told Cheddar cross-border payments that will prove to be the killer app for crypts and blockchains.

"We are doing it now, focusing on cross-border payments for businesses from four years on, so it's good to see people finally realize" yes ", this is the area that will have the greatest impact. is really the killer app for this whole blockchain movement.

But we've been there longer than anyone else.And what matters here is what corridors do you have, the number of partners.We have hundreds of banks and suppliers of payment services, remittance companies not only in testing mode, but full production mode. "

Larsen also offered his version of a series of lawsuits against Ripple according to which XRP is a controlled security and issued by the company.

"I think that what is really important is that any digital resource is valuable must be at the service of a real use case, it can not just be speculation, but most of the market today is really speculative. that in the long run will be that combination of deep liquidity, market makers, institutional bets.But very important, it must have a use case.

We think the case of use for the XRP register and XRP's digital asset is really around, initially, reducing the cost of liquidity for cross-border payments In the long run, we think it's a key winner in this race to be another digital resource for the world for all the types of use cases.It is a long-term game.It must have value It can not just be a store of value for the value of the store of value.It must have indeed a case of use.And it is so that we see this evolve. "

According to Larson, the questions about the centralization of XRP and the fact that cryptocurrency is pre-extracted are part of a "religious war" and an effort to create fear, uncertainty and doubt.

"I think this comes from the Bitcoin community, the Ethereum community, between a platform and the other is a religious war, and the whole idea about centralization is false. – it's an open-source system, it's without permission You have 140 public validators, Ripple has 7%, the company of those.

If Ripple left tomorrow, XRP will continue as open source book, without authorization.We could say that it is easily decentralized as Bitcoin or Ethereum.In a certain sense, you would support even more, since the working tests lead to greater centralization as seen with Bitmain in China, and whereas consensus systems are becoming more and more decentralized.Once again, it is important to remember that this is a religious war between these platforms.You see a lot of nonsense and FUD out there Look at the facts and I think, you know, it's pretty clear. " [19659003]

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