Co-Creator of Ripple (XRP) and Stellar (XLM) Jed McCaleb shares Interstellar's Starlight payment plans

Co-Creator of Ripple (XRP) and Stellar (XLM) Jed McCaleb shares Interstellar's Starlight payment plans

Only a few days ago the Stellar community was notified on Reddit and other sources of the new project that was launched on the Stellar Network, one that is referred to as Starlight. The simple explanation behind all this is that it was Stellar's vision to go on to enlighten the network.

The network will provide some private channels on two-way paths used for two parts, which will allow them to pay each other the necessary funds in an instant; all this done in a private way. This is not all, since the transaction will be carried out free of charge without the involvement of the Stellar network just before the final payment is made on the blockchain technology.

With the use of payment channels, this should allow the different parties to make transactions instantly, safely and without forgetting privately, without incurring any commissions. All of this is also a first step towards the agenda for connection to different payment channel networks; this is the kind of Interlingger and Lighting.

Some statements

McCaleb went on to say about Reddit that some people have wondered why they are building another lighting channel protocol for the Stellar network. The company has three reasons to explain why they came to this project.

1. Privacy

Most of the transactions taking place on Stellar are among financial institutions; therefore, most of them tend to have some privacy problems if each transaction is transmitted on a public network. With the Starlight network, however, it will offer all users an efficient way to make transactions reliably, while still maintaining all transactions in the public chain.

2. Scalability

Stellar was able to climb quite well; if we want to compare it with other blockchain solutions on the market, but it is important to note that there are several transactions that take place all over the world and over time it does not seem possible to have everything on a ledger. It is here that Starlight comes into play as it will allow the use of Stellar to be able to scale further instead of keeping everything on a register.

3. The concept of interoperability

With the way the market is growing, the company does not think that we will remain with just one blockchain in the market or even just a distributed ledger; therefore the interoperability between them will be a fundamental concept. With the use of the Starlight project, it will immediately put us on this path and implement the idea in advance.

It is clear that if we want to examine the Starlight roadmap, it is very broad, as they are planning to add some channels to non-native resources on the market. Non-native resources are coins that are not entirely based on stellar blockchain. But that's not all, we should also expect to see some atomic cross currency payments on the platform.

The main goal for the company, as stated by McCaleb, is the implementation of interoperability with other two-level solutions that can be used by different blockchains, this is like Lighting and Interlingger. One of the factors that has not gotten the necessary publicity is the fact that once these channels are operational, each of the payment channels will block some funds; therefore, this will decrease the supply of XLM. And from this, we should all expect a price increase on the XLM.

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