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Litecoin (LTC) may have had an irregular time in the last few months while the adversaries were working to fragment the arias on it, but the founder, Charlie Lee, was not taking the blows. Charlie took on Twitter to release a hurricane of discussion that surprised people – but in a positive sense.

Charlie tried to dispel fears and doubts surrounding Litecoin and its latest features in his tweets. In recent months, Charlie and the Litecoin platform have become targets for control by numerous players within the crypto community. An important point of emphasis was the Litecoin-Charlie relationship.

Litecoin has the seventh largest market capitalization which makes it rather a participant as an impartialally robust cryptocurrency. Particularly during the recent downward trend back in the general cryptic market. According to Charlie, the price of LTC was intentionally halted, and the network has been known to be impeccable and manage up to $ 200 million transactions on a daily basis.

The Tweetstorm

In its tweet-hurricane, the founder fixed on the main features of the network system and which included the size of the transaction, security, payments, quotas, mining activities and advancement of the LTC platform. First, he made an attempt to people and funds he claims he tried to reduce the value of LTC because they consider it a risk, saying that Litecoin still has great value to offer.

Charlie threw a bone to chew those who think that LTC is no longer exclusive. He stated that with more than $ 150MM of ASIAC hardware mounted to protect the network and surely the LTC network is one of the safest in the cryptocurrency industry. He also said that the network dominates Scrypt mining, adding that LTC's liquid assets are excessive and that encryption will soon be listed on Gemini. LTC is accepted by most payment processors including BTCPay, CoinGate, GoCoin, TravelbyBit, CoinPayments, LTCPay, Coinbase, Alliant Payment and Globee.

Charlie claimed that Litecoin is still needed as it can be interoperable with BTC on the Lightning and Bitcoin Scalability network. He stated that LTC essentially helps BTC, referring to the last year when LTC demonstrated SegWit's game theory and helped Bitcoin activate it.

At the highest point of the tweet storm Charlie stated that LTC is silent and being updated, in opposition to some people certain that he has been inactive for months. He recalled the importance of the version of the DoS bug patch. He also claimed that in the encrypted world LTC has the most solid municipal support.


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