Change in the Vlad TV series from PRO TV. It’s happening tonight


Important announcement for fans. A big day change is happening tonight in the “Vlad” series on Pro TV. What surprise have the producers prepared for the loyal spectators ?!

New in the “Vlad” series of Pro TV

Fans of the “Vlad” series have a big surprise in the episode that will air tonight, from 20:30. The new season comes with a surprise character played by Marius Manole. The actor plays the role of Petre Toteanu, a very skilled and professional chief prosecutor. It ends up investigating the story of Adrian Anuței and will be of great importance in continuing the story.

“It’s the first role in a series, in the last few years I’ve been on stage for a long time. I’m used to being able to control things. But now I’ll sit in front of the TV and I can’t change anything, that scares me. I hope Vlad fans accept me. I’m curious to see how those who know me most from the theater will react, “says Marius Manole, according to Pro TV.

Marius Manole is the new character he plays in the series
Marius Manole is the new character he plays in the series “Vlad” – Petre Toteanu

Incendiary images with Ivana and Carla

Also in tonight’s episode, viewers will have incendiary scenes. The relationship between Carla (Monica Bîrlădeanu) and Ivana (Raluca Aprodu) will evolve in a completely unexpected way. The two enter into a real game of seduction.

“What the two look like is the fact that they both had quite a difficult life and each did their best. I think there are two women who have suffered a lot and who haven’t had much support in life. Everything they have done. , they did it themselves.

The difference is that Carla’s personality is stronger and she has chosen to fight, and Ivana has chosen to destroy herself. Although the relationship between them starts suddenly, it will evolve somewhat unexpectedly, both for the audience and the characters in the series. Ivana is an unloved woman. And he clings to anyone who gives him some love. I really think Ivana needs to be loved. And so. Simple.

I’ve never played with Monica before. To find out, we knew each other as we all know our little guild. It was really nice to work together. I laughed a lot. Monica has self-irony and humor and I respect these qualities a lot. Obviously, when we had to film, we were serious, “Raluca Aprodu told

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