Chrome extensions should show how they use your data

There are some limitations on how browser extensions can use your personal data. So soon, Chrome Extensions should show you how to use your data. Google is working hard to combat Chrome’s problematic extensions. The giant wants to impose a number of conditions for greater transparency. The company introduces a …

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Staple-like sea creature discovered to live 200 years

D. maximum belongs to Ammonoidea, a subclass of the class of extinct tentacular cephalopods. But the creature’s unusual shell makes it difficult to reveal the secrets of its biology. Linda Ivany and Emily Artruc of Syracuse University in New York have uncovered clues thanks to chemical signatures hidden in samples …

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Huawei Mate Pro 40 was released in Turkey

The new flagship smartphone Huawei Huawei Mate Pro presented today at the presale 40 in Turkey. It will begin shipping to users who purchase the Huawei Mate 40 Pro with a presale option, which is offered through the Huawei Online Store, on December 21. In addition to the black color …

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