Also? Jessica Fernandes and Renato, from “BB”, lose their condoms on a crazy night. And one person sees everything: national

Former ‘Big Brother – The Revolution’ contestant Andreia had already revealed that the ‘reality show’ couples don’t hesitate to have sex in the same room with other colleagues, but this Thursday, 3, Jessica Fernandes and Renato reached another level. The couple lost a used condom in the bedroom, revealed André …

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Finally clarity: he raped Vivien in “Unter Uns”

In mid-November there were dramatic scenes in Unter uns: at a party Vivien (Sharon Berlinghoff, 24) was knocked out and raped by a stranger in a devil costume. Since the brunette can only remember a mask and previously had a fight with her boyfriend Tobias (Patrick Müller, 32), she currently …

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