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Second marriage in a new splendor!

A few weeks ago, Andreas Robens (54) loudly threatened his Caro (41) with a divorce in the “Summer House of Stars”, but the bodybuilders obviously got over the marital crisis. Why: you pass in front of the altar again!

In their new Vox documentary “Caro & Andreas – 4 fists for Mallorca” the two revealed on Monday: “For our 10th wedding anniversary in December we want to renew our vows.”

That’s not the only thing getting freshened up in the show – Caro and Andreas underwent a major overhaul at the Beauty Doc in front of the cameras! It’s not the first procedure for the 41-year-old. Through years of strength training, Caro has changed a lot since her marriage in December 2010.

For more femininity, she had her breasts and nose operated a few years ago. This time there was an optical makeover! Eight threads were placed under Caro’s skin, her face taut. There was also botox on the forehead and hyaluron on the lips.

“I don’t like wrinkles,” the 41-year-old clarified and pointed out: “I needed them!”

Her husband also found: “Of course she needs cosmetic surgery the older she gets,” Andreas couldn’t help but say something nasty. But he did not spare himself from criticism either. “I am slowly becoming an old man. We can train the body, but not the face, then he will be operated on, ”says the 54-year-old.

His first at the Beauty Doc! The muscular man’s eyebrows were also raised using thread technology and the forehead wrinkles were straightened with botox.

Strong unit: also the

Strong unity: even the “summer house of the stars” could not change itPhoto: caroline_andreas_robens / Instagram

“I already know you can’t make a model out of me. But I think the result is excellent ”, said Andreas, satisfied after the interventions. And Caro happily admired his new reflection.

So marriage can come!


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