Captain of MasterChef Turkey who won the game. On 26 October 2020 MasterChef, the blue and red teams were announced. Who was the captain’s duel?


MasterChef arrived in Turkey in the last part of the screen there was a fight for the captain. TV8 Turkey, released in 2020 the acclaim of the MasterChef screen and was captain of the team that makes the best blue section of specific lubrication Kayseri published yesterday evening and chose the captain of the opposing team. By winning the captain’s duel at the end of the evening, the name gained an advantage for the team.

According to Hurriyet, the Monday night game of MasterChef in Turkey, again captained by the audience from the screen, was rather hectic minutes. After the elimination TV8 MasterChef Berker posted in Turkey in the fight and the blue screen was a new team captain to the captain Specifically, Tanya chose the red team captain. In the October 26 episode of MasterChef, while greasing the kayseri, Serhat won the chef’s knife, which made the pasta spin mostly in the air. Captain of MasterChef Turkey who won the game. On 26 October 2020 MasterChef, the blue and red teams were announced. Why was there the tension between Barbaros and Emir? Who was the captain’s duel? Here’s what happened last night … masterchef in Turkey


MasterChef WHO WON THE TURKEY MATCH captain?

Competitors faced off in MasterChef, where the fight for the captain was experienced. The chefs gave 45 minutes to the contestants in the captain’s game. After the time, the chefs tasted the dishes prepared by the competitors. In the first round, Barbaros, Ebru, Serhat, Esra, Özgül, and Sefa were among the names that made the meal the best. The chefs, who tasted the kayseri oiling of six competitors, chose Özgül, Ebru, Barbaros from the finals. Özgül, the captain of the blue team, chose Tanya for the red team.


Announced the team of MasterChef TURKEY AND BLUE RED

Following the election of the Turkish captain MasterChef on October 26, the chapter teams have been re-established again. Tanya and Özgül have chosen strong names for the rossoblù team. The teams were formed this week in MasterChef as follows; Ozgul, Barbaros, Esra, Ugur, Ayyüce, Eray, who are the captain of the blue team, joined his team. The captain of the red team named Tanya, Serhat, Furkan, Sefa, Ebru, Emir.

Moments of tension, however, between the two ambitious names in the competition, Emir and Barbaros, while the two captains were determining their own teams.


Captain MasterChef DUEL IN TURKEY WHO WON?

Özgül and Tanya, the captain of the week, fought once again in the duel. Tanya and Özgül made Izmir Bomb on this tour. At the end of the 40-minute period, the chefs tasted and the winner was named Tanya.


By winning the captain’s duel, Tanya gained an advantage. While Tanya sent Sefa from her team to the opposite team, she brought Barbaros to the red team.


(Source: Hürriyet)


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