Capitalization of the XRP market Shots of $ 7 billion after XRP added another 31%


The fact that the market is increasing is nothing but a euphemism. For the second consecutive day, the altcoins led by the resurgent XRP are finding their way to resume what is really theirs. More specifically, the top 10 returns to green and among the best gainers there is XRP, with an impressive 31% which adds to the 20% of yesterday bringing the total gains in the last 48 hours to 51%.

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Overall, there is a direct correspondence on the market capitalization in which between September 12 and today XRP added a huge value of $ 7 billion, c & # 39; it is a renewed confidence in the market. This confidence was best demonstrated by Brad Garlinghouse who tweeted that the momentum prompted his excitement to investors who had to grapple with unscrupulous bears who have since erased over 90% of investor investments.

Ripple supports SMEs in emerging economies before xRapid launch

Now that the market is falling, it is inevitable that space is full of understandable excitement. Apparently, XRP prices began to rise shortly after Sagar Sarbhai's disclosure that Ripple, the company that holds the majority of XRP, is about to unveil xRapid. The solution that is still being tested and fine-tuned is definitely a turning point for XRP and all cross-border payments will be executed with XRP as a liquidity provider.

In addition, a timely publication of Ripple has shown how their solution supports both SMEs and individuals in emerging economies. It may be subtle, but Ripple is changing tact and is shifting its xRapid efforts towards African, European, Asian and Latin American economies that desperately need fast, cost-effective and reliable payment solutions.

Not only will this entail the demand for XRP, but Ripple will also have its roots in the remittance world and will hit the market share of the market leader, SWIFT.

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