Canon has launched the PIXMA PRO-200, an A3 + color printer for amateur photography


The PIXMA PRO-200 can print on a wide range of paper types, with different textures and sizes, offering colorful images from your smartphone, tablet or computer.

The new printer, which replaces the PIXMA PRO-100S, can print up to A3 + ( 329 × 483 mm) and has a system with 8 dyes based on dyes. The printer’s 3-inch display allows photographers to easily manage the printing process with an easy-to-use interface. The PIXMA PRO-200 also offers users a range of printing options including printing with Canon Professional Print & Layout software which simplifies the entire process, from shooting to printing.

For the PIXMA PRO-200, Canon has expanded its color gamut and now offers an 8-color dye-based system for printing photos in bright, vibrant tones. The new A3 + printer offers an improved color gamut in three areas: red, blue and black.

The printer weighs only 14.1 kg and takes up 15% less space than the previous model and is suitable for use at home or in a smaller studio. The ink levels or other settings on the PIXMA PRO-200’s 3-inch LCD display can be checked while the printer is running.

Users have full software support and can print quality images with the Canon Professional Print & Layout software that comes free with the PIXMA PRO-200 printer. With this software, users can keep the same color tone they see on the screen in printed photos. PIXMA PRO-200 is compatible with mobile and Wi-Fi connectivity features and can facilitate printing to many devices. It also has a position correction function for the correct alignment of any type of paper, including artwork paper, to always provide consistent printing.

The PIXMA PRO-200 can print over the entire surface of the paper, borderless, for graphics, on glossy paper. It can also print on various standard paper sizes up to A3 +, as well as atypical sizes up to 39 inches long, on paper manufactured by Canon or other manufacturers. Ability to print on glossy paper, artwork and the new Canon Premium Fine Art Rough (FA-RG1). With the PIXMA PRO-200, users can download ICC profiles from renowned paper manufacturers and take printing to the next level. I can also download greeting card templates and other templates from the Creative Park website, with tons of ideas. To help photographers put a creative idea into practice, from photography to printing, the printer is compatible with a wide range of third-party software, including Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop, via the Canon Professional Print & Layout plug-in. .

Main features of PIXMA PRO-200:

  • Compact design, takes up little space

  • High speed printing (one sheet of Canon Pro Platinum A3 + paper is printed on edge in 90 seconds using ISO / JIS-SCID N2 standard)

  • 3-inch usage screen

  • Borderless printing up to A3 + on glossy paper and art paper

  • Chroma Life 100+ ink system in a new formula

  • Automatic position correction

  • Canon professional printing and layout

  • PictBridge via WLAN

  • Sistem OIG (Optimum Image Generating)

  • Use with a variety of media of different sizes

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