Canadian scientists create the first test to diagnose chronic fatigue syndrome


Researchers from the University of Montreal and the San Justin University Hospital Center in Canada have developed the first innovative diagnostic test that allows for the first time to test patients with chronic fatigue syndrome who cannot participate in clinical trials due to the severity of their condition, as published by the Medical Express website.

Chronic fatigue syndrome, or so-called encephalomyelitis, is a complex chronic disease. Until now, blood biomarkers have not been validated. This is the world’s first diagnostic test.

The development of this test represents the first molecular diagnostic tool for chronic fatigue syndrome, and it is what many doctors and patients have been waiting for, and opens the possibility to classify patients into subgroups to better understand the molecular mechanisms involved in their symptoms. and to better identify which patients can benefit from therapeutic approaches. By relocating existing drugs.

Mechanical stimulation applied to the arm via the inflatable cuff causes post-exertion stress, the main symptom of chronic fatigue syndrome, and provides an accurate molecular signature that allows patients to be distinguished from normal people or those with related conditions such as fibromyalgia

It can help increase or decrease some RNA molecules (microRNA) That were measured in the test to predict the patient’s response to treatment to certain medications, which improves the chances of finding the right treatment by personalizing the treatment


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