Can Ripple (XRP) now reach $ 7 before the end of the year?



Ripple (XRP) is one of the top five major cryptocurrencies in the market with impressive market capitalization. For a while, Ripple prices were trading below the half-dollar value, which is far from its high valuation of US $ 3 for a single XRP digital currency.

In the recent past, the markets have witnessed Ripple's growth to become one of the best blockchain technologies in the market to be massively adopted. Thanks to Ripple's appeal to many industry players, many companies and companies are proving to be ready to incorporate and collaborate with Ripple (XRP) with some exciting, already closed operations.

Many companies and financial institutions around the world have adopted Ripple's xCurrent technology for operations due to the main reason for its operational capability and effectiveness in simplifying operations.

The recent version of Codius' smart platform designed by Stefan Thomas took many enthusiastic crypts by surprise, impressing many members of the Ripple community. Stefan Thomas, former CTO of Ripple, now manages Coil.

The release of the Codius smart contract marks the extension of the Ripple family with its main goal being to introduce the interoperability of various blockchain technologies one with the other by inventing new ways to earn money from the Internet. Hence the good reason why I think Ripple could still have a chance to "at least" reach $ 7 before the end of this year.

The impact of the JP Morgan Ripple Partnership

JP Morgan is considered one of the largest investment banks in the world. The collaboration between Ripple and JP Morgan could have significant effects on the price value of XRP, as some Ripple products such as xRapid continue to gain popularity with major banks.

In a recent communication by JP Morgan, the investment bank is working tirelessly to create a real-time payment platform that incorporates the benefits of Ripple to its customers and customers. The announcement comes at a very nice moment, igniting the hope for investors Ripple and XRP. However, the controversial issue is whether JP Morgan will be in partnership with Ripple Inc. or XRP considering their different management nature.

Ripple has a chance of reaching $ 7?

For XRP holders and investors who are interested in the future value of the digital token, knowing its prospects is valuable considering the numerous rumors that run around.

First of all, it is prudent to know that Ripple has three different platforms. Ripple as a platform is designed to help you transfer money quickly and inexpensively. Of the three platforms under Ripple, it is just a platform, xRapid, which requires the operation of the XRP currency.

Normally, Ripple emphasizes the promotion of the other two platforms, xVia and xCurrent, which do not require XRP's indulgence. Xcurrent is extremely useful in financial institutions and banks while xRapid is used to allow almost instant money transfer regardless of the amount, globally.

By adopting xCurrent, Santander, one of the largest banks in Spain, will allow its customers to transfer money quickly and securely without using XRP. This incorporation along with other comparable partnerships is what is said to push Ripple price levels (XRP) at high levels of at least $ 7 this year

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