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What Is StrikeMine?

Strikemine is an online marketplace for cryptocurrency mining hardware.It is part of the company UK LTD , with offices based in London The market deals with mining hardware Ethereum, Bitcoin mining hardware and Litecoin mining hardware.

The world of Cryptocurrency is becoming popular day after day, as most people look for alternatives to banks People are also looking for safe cash and cryptocurrency options

One of the most popular forms of cryptocurrency is Bitcoin.

Bitcoin Miner

When you hear about a Bitcoin Miner in any situation, it refers a Bitcoin mining rig-a computer that is specifically used for Bitcoin mining. The computer is designed to solve very complex mathematical equations, so when a miner solves a n 'equation, are rewarded with a Bitcoin. ng transactions. For each transaction verified by a miner, they are paid with a Bitcoin.

Extraction Bitcoins

In order for you to extract Bitcoin, you can have your own hardware where you will be involved in the mining process by yourself. The other option is to use the Bitcoin mining cloud, in which the mining process runs on a cloud computer. The best way to start Bitcoin mining is to buy your rig and start right away. You will need to engage a trusted company to help you get a good Bitcoin mining machine. The Strikemine arrives here, since they are trusted dealers of Bitcoin mining machines.

Available Hardware Rigs for Bitcoin Mining at Strikemine Marketplace

Antminer V9 | Bitcoin ASIC Miner

This is a good starting point for the extraction by acquiring this machine if the budget is limited. The car costs $ 750.

Yunhui Dash Miner | Bitcoin / BTC Asic Mine

This is for serious miners; has a hash of 17GH / s and costs $ 1300.

WhatsMiner M3 | Bitcoin ASIC Miner

This Bitcoin miner is a mid-level miner, able to work under pressure and his earnings are great. Valid for $ 1800.

Litecoin Mining

Litecoin is a lesser-known cryptocurrency, but is gaining popularity over time. The extraction of Litecoin is somewhat the same as that of the Bitcoin extraction. The best way to start mining litecoin is to buy a car and start the extraction process. Strikemine Ltd is a trusted retailer of Litecoin mining machines. However, at the moment, they do not have any sales.

StrikeMine Mining Accessories

Strikemine also has various other accessories to be used in the encryption process. These include 6 GPU four-fans steel open-frame rig chassis, crypto coin open-air mining rig rigs, eight GPU server racks and home decor decorations.

StrikeMine Benefits

  • Free international shipping to countries in Europe, the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Japan. Shipping takes between 5 and 15 days.
  • The company offers returns on products sold within 30 days if the product has not been used and is in its original position.

Cryptocurrency mining is profitable. However, there are many online frauds. In order for you to get value for your money, you will need to hire a trusted retailer like Strikemine.

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