Bushido: Because his wife Anna-Maria has it in her hand now


Bushido and Anna-Maria Ferchichi: the two have been married since 2012. Image: Getty Images / Andreas Rentz

Because it was Bushido’s wife who ended the relationship with Arafat Abou-Chaker

The highly anticipated trial against Arafat Abou-Chaker and his brothers Yasser, Nasser and Rommel is currently underway in Berlin, and Watson has been there since the beginning. Bushido resigns as witness and co-plaintiff. So far, the rapper has already revealed explosive details about the relationship with his former business partner. He revealed in court that he has no friends and said about Arafat: “I haven’t talked about him for 16 years. In 2018 I was recommended by LKA Personal Protection.”

He said he didn’t want to stab his wife Anna-Maria in the back a second time. The first time was in 2014. At that point, she wanted to end the relationship. In 2017 there should have been a similar situation in Kleinmachnow. For Bushido it should have been clear: “No, I won’t let that happen again.” During the days of the trial, however, the “Ronin” interpreter also describes how Arafat and his wife have been incredibly good friends for a while. The friendship between the two temporarily loosened his relationship with his then business partner.

The business relationship with Abou-Chaker was involuntary, he claims he has not spoken to anyone about the true nature of the collaboration. The relationship with Arafat seemed “like a forced marriage”. Until 2017, the artist thought he wouldn’t be out anyway. Now, new research “Stern” suggests that the 38-year-old was not only the driving force behind the breakup, but that Sarah Connor’s sister now also has a general power of attorney from Bushido.

Sarah Connor’s sister is said to have ended Arafat and Bushido’s relationship in the restaurant

At the end of 2010, rapper Abou-Chaker would have issued a general power of attorney. The related “star” revelations in 2013 caused a stir at the time. In court, Bushido stated: Originally, the power of attorney was issued for a specific real estate business and was revoked in June 2011. But this shouldn’t have been entirely true, as Bushido stated on the stand. The termination only happened in 2017 as part of the separation from Arafat and was then backdated, according to his account.

The magazine now reports that there is a new beneficiary of the Attorney General. Arafat Abou-Chaker’s successor should be none other than his wife Anna-Maria. Overall, she was the driving force behind the corporate separation from her husband and Arafat. Because she was the one who officially announced to the Abou-Chakers on April 19, 2018: “The months-long negotiations for a separation on good terms have failed. Anis Ferchichi and Arafat Abou-Chaker are divorced, business, private, effective immediately.” At a Berlin restaurant in the Steglitz neighborhood, he finally met Arafat’s older brother, Nasser Abou-Chaker, who is now accused of being a suspected accomplice in the Arafat trial.

The mother of five is said to have talked to her brother for 25 minutes. Both are said to have taken notes of their meeting. Anna-Maria said: “Okay, listen: you will have nothing from me starting today. When your brother approaches us, then only with a lawyer. From now on, the rules that apply to normal people apply. The law.” Nasser Abou-Chaker took note of this without any recognizable emotion and confirmed it. Bushido also changed his will and marriage contract in his favor following Anna-Maria’s announcement, according to the article.


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