Bundesliga hammer! The BVB game is on TV for free – bad memories of the opponent


He could soon go scoring on free TV: Giovanni Reyna, Jadon Sancho and Marco Reus (from left) are seen with Borussia Dortmund on ZDF.

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Bundesliga matches are rarely shown live on free TV. Before Christmas, the ZDF makes an exception. Then Borussia Dortmund faces a game with bad memories.

  • Bundesliga matches take place almost without exception in the Pay TV instead of.
  • There are only a few exceptions, such as in the game of Borussia Dortmund at Union Berlin just before Christmas.
  • It won’t be the only BVB game in December to be broadcast for free.

Monaco – Due to the late start of the season, professional footballers are often present Three-day pace necessary. The next Bundesliga matches games of National team* and in the Champions Cup, that is Champions League * is Europa League *. Then there is the file Pokal DFB *who can finally focus on the 2nd round with the draw on 8 November. Football power so concentrated in the last weeks of a year that no one will forget.

But the anticipation for that full weeks of football before Christmas they risk being clouded in many families. After all, very few meetings are in Germany to see freely available. Because of the strict Crown size also closed bars and pubs that are finished Sky*– and DAZN subscriptions * characteristic. In addition, shared football evenings in the circle of friends are also taboo Process of infection no further laps.

Bundesliga on Free TV: Borussia Dortmund live at Union Berlin on ZDF

The message arrives as that file was called Bundesliga * will keep a rite that in the meantime has become expensive. The Friday night game of last game the day before Christmas – this time it’s round 13 – it will be live in ZDF be visible. Thanks to the precise timing of the DFL it is also clear what meeting it will be: Union Berlin * receives Borussia Dortmund * on 18 December at 8:30 pm

The game, also broadcast by DAZN, should be decidedly spicy. After all, Union Berlin is thanks to well-known reinforcements such as Max Kruse * o Joel Pahjanpalo so far the Bundesliga team surprise, suddenly knocks on the top third of the table in the second year in the House of Lords.

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Bundesliga on Free TV: BVB must seek redress in Berlin

Also: BVB should seek revenge for them Failure 1: 3 last season reflect. Shot on matchday 3 of the previous season Doppelpacker Marius Bülter and Sebastian Andersson, who is now storming 1. FC Köln, scored their first three Bundesliga points for the “Iron” when Paco Alcacer conceded a goal. The more motivated the Giallorossi should go to the capital, where undoubtedly how Favorite to compete.

By the way: for the BVB fans stand right in front Christmas’ Eve real holidays. Because in addition to the match at Union Berlin, the Cup presence at Eintracht Braunschweig four days later to be seen on TV for free. December 22 is Sport1 from 20:00 you live there. Supporters of the FC Bayern * exceptionally they have to wait to see their team as usual in ARD to be able to follow freely to receive during the tour in Berlin – the I play at Holstein Kiel will not take place until January 13 * at the request of the champion of the record *. (mg) * tz.de is part of the national network of Ippen-Digital publishers

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