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To update [Fri 6th Nov, 2020 00:25 GMT]: The new Bug Fables update is now available. To access it, all you need to do is update your copy of the game. Version 1.1 adds a bunch of “delicious additions”.

Here is the full message from the team along with the patch notes:

Beware, insect adventurer! You are not wrong! You don’t need to fix your eyes! The long awaited Bug Fables Update 1.1 is now available on all platforms as a FREE download! All you have to do is update your version of the game to the platform of your choice. Happy first anniversary of Bug Fables!

In our post, we’ve posted a roundup of the delightful additions coming to Bug Fables in version 1.1, but this time around we’ve posted the patch notes in their entirety for those of you who want to read them in their entirety (we know who you are. us. Don’t deny it.)

Enjoy the full patch notes below and don’t forget to update your copy of Bug Fables to 1.1!

Bug Fables – Version 1.1 (November 5, 2020)

+ Added a hard mode reward for the final boss (will be awarded to Artys / Caravan by uploading the file after the patch if you already beat him)
+ Added some small dialogue in the final boss fight to make it more obvious what to do.
+ Added the ability to speed up cooking animations by pressing the key [Jump/Confirm] OR [Use Field Skill] button.
+ Added some indicators in the hive for the balcony and factory entrances.
+ Added Fortune Teller hints for some missing medals.
+ Added arrows in the corner of the screen during the Wack-a-Worm minigame to indicate when the worms are off the screen.
+ Added the ability to open the map from the main pause menu by pressing [HELP] (an icon will appear when possible).
+ Added saving of messages after some chapters.
+ Added 3 new post-game side missions.
+ Added more clues to the maze in chapter 6.
+ Added enemy defense counter if enemy has been spied on HP bar.
+ View data from Eternal Venom, Heal Plus, Quick Flea, Relay Transfer, Status Boost, Status Mirror, Spy Specs, Secure Pouch, Front Support and Back Support.
+ Added the ability to rearrange key items / items in the pause menu by holding [Show/Hide HUD] and pressing UP or DOWN.
+ Added the ability to select multiple items to store / transport with Amber or sell by pressing the button [Show/Hide HUD] in the selection of articles.
+ Added a new NPC on Metal Island to help with recipes.
+ Added “Swap Stations” option in Strategies, which allows two party members to swap in battle without swapping the entire party (does not work if someone has run out of all their turns for that round).
+ Clouds have been added on the outskirts of Bugaria and surrounding areas.
+ The configuration of the “Change group” strategy has been changed to “Rotate group”.
+ Changed Kabbu Dash to continue forward until [Jump/Confirm] OR [Use Field Skill] the button is pressed again or hits a wall, and also to be able to mow the grass (from chapter 5 onwards).
+ Changed Kabbu’s dash to get at the start of chapter 3 instead of chapter 5 (but the ability to break rocks is only gained in chapter 5) (will be awarded automatically if you lowered the bridge on Lost Sands and completed Chapter 2 in the archive).
+ Changed the caravan medal that appears randomly if there is more than one.
+ Changed Midge’s Spy card to Basic Attack 1 card.
+ Changed the Wild Chomper spy card for 3 TP.
+ Changed the cost of Hustle Berry to be cheaper.
+ Changed the post-match boss so that he doesn’t lose items if he loses the battle.
+ Needle clamp modified to be compatible with ADBP Enhancer.
+ Changed the salvation crystal before the Golden Hills secret boss to yellow.
+ Modified Frostbite to fully reflect the damage taken to an enemy that attacks directly without taking any damage (if attacked by a non-physical attack, the damage is halved).
+ Changed the “Do Nothing” medal icons so they don’t appear in the option if you haven’t done anything already that turn.
+ Text effects modified to make them more noticeable.
+ Changed a segment in the Chapter 3 dungeon to make it easier to see where to go.
+ Adjusted the beemerang to stay in place if it hits a wall while holding the lock button.
+ Abombhoney modified to no longer deal damage when using the shield, but will destroy the shield after blocking the damage.
+ I edited a note in a room in Chapter 3 to make it more obvious.
+ Changed a puzzle in Chapter 4 to clarify what to do.
+ Adjust the left and right arrows in the Library menu to bounce slightly.
+ Adjusted enemy’s Numb stack to increase faster.
+ Fixed issues with vSync not working properly on high frequency monitors.
+ Changed the first miniboss of Chapter 2 so that it doesn’t fall when hit while on the vine.
+ Skip adapted to make platforms a little easier.
+ Fixed Wack-a-Worm worms so they don’t bury themselves if the Beemerang is out of order.
+ Modified Hustle HP / TP items heal ammo.
+ Hustle items have been adjusted to stack when used in the same round.
+ Suburban “Bounty Boss” attack patterns have been changed and the inability to attack him with ground attacks in the first phase has been corrected and another attack has been added.
+ Changed the secret boss of Metal Island to make it stronger and more varied.
+ Changed a chapter 6 boss attack to cause a “Down Attack” on hard mode if you don’t block.
+ Optional boss changed in Forsaken Lands to cause “Attack Down” on some attacks in Hard mode.
+ The optional boss in Far Grasslands has been changed to be stronger and with a new effect.
+ Slightly modified regeneration of the final boss.
+ Changed the way the Reflection medal works so that it can stack better with itself and with normal defense upgrades.
+ Slightly tweaked the moveset of some enemies in an optional dungeon.
+ Changed the radius of the bomb elements to be slightly larger.
+ Leafbug loading modified to be faster.
+ The charm that increases EXP has been changed so that it does not activate if the battle rewards low EXP.
+ Reverse Toxin modified to heal more per turn.
+ Vital healing modified to heal only on the first hit of a move.
+ Detector adjusted in some areas in Chapter 6 that activates earlier than expected.
+ Resistant ointment / modified shell to increase defense by 3.
+ Pep Talk has been changed to not use charges.
+ Changed Fly Drop to deal less damage.
+ Frost Relay modified to hit multiple times.
+ Adjusted the TP cost of most of Leif’s buff / debuff abilities.
+ Ice Rain cost changed to 11 TP.
+ Cost of the Royal Decree and Dash Through TP changed from 6 to 5.
+ The first armor has been changed so that it doesn’t run out if you have a shield that turn.
+ Ability of Vi’s needles changed (Electric needles only cause numbness for 1 turn now, Needle Throw damage has been slightly reduced, and Needle Claw damage has been slightly increased).
+ Modified Frozen Drill to deal 1 more damage per hit and hit once again, but costs 1 more TP.
+ Modified a battle companion to be more useful in one of the secret modes and also have more general options in battle.
+ Fixed a puzzle in chapter 7.
+ Adjusted bank interest.
+ Modified some colliders.
+ Increased damage from small rocks in Boulder Toss.
+ Higher berry payout for Chapter 2 of the Wack-a-Worm post.
+ Fixed ice cubes sometimes stopped halfway.
+ Fixed being trapped inside a door in the Chapter 6 dungeon.
+ Fixed a miniboss in Chapter 4 that could cause status effects via shield / study.
+ Fixed an issue with a miniboss in Chapter 2 sometimes becoming invisible.
+ Fixed strange behavior of enemies if a Bloatshroom’s spore attack causes them to die.
+ Fixed crash if selecting “Change gear and try again” on Defiant Root Secret Boss while in secret mode.
+ Fixed a crash in the secondary mission of Gen and Eri.
+ Fixed issue with a lock if you gave away the caravan cricket in Spanish.
+ Fixed a potential crash on Mite Knight when spawning floors.
+ Fixed potential crashes when using Miracle Matter in specific situations.
+ Fixed random launch poison not being infinite with Eternal Venom.
+ Fixed status icons floating in nowhere if an Abomihoney explodes.
+ Fixed an issue with rear and front mounting not working properly in battles with less than 3 party members.
+ Fixed issue with heavy shot compensation against flying enemies.
+ Fixed freezing times of some enemies sometimes faster than normal with Extra Freeze equipped.
+ Fixed hologram underwater spiders becoming invisible when using the shield.
+ Fixed the map cursor and telescope only moving diagonally when using analog sometimes.
+ Fixed strange behavior if you hit a switch in some rooms and entered another before the switch effect occurred.
+ Fixed the issue with the maximum amount of TPs sometimes displaying incorrectly on the HUD until updated.
+ Fixed the shield going off if you take berries in the world.
+ Fixed issue with Frostbite triggering when hitting the wrong person.
+ Fixed reverse toxin increasing defense instead of decreasing.
+ Fixed an issue with the HP spell healing counter displayed in the wrong position.
+ Fixed the strange behavior of wasps on high scores in the Flower Journey minigame.
+ Fixed the problem with the microwave floating slightly upwards every time I used it.
+ Fixed an issue where random start and an event condition would crash on retries.
+ Fixed issues in some battles with multiple enemies and AI companions under specific circumstances.
+ Fixed items causing status effects if you have the Robust effect.
+ Fixed the problem with the screen interruption of the key combination in Spanish.
+ Fixed issues that attempted to reassociate the commit key at times.
+ Fixed some minor inconsistencies with NPCs in the area before the credits.
+ Looking for a solution for memory problems.
+ Some performance improvements in some areas.
+ Many minor adjustments.
+ Corrections of typographical errors

Original article [Sun 1st Nov, 2020 20:30 GMT]: The adorable adventure RPG Bug Fables: The Everlasting Sapling – which we also describe as an elegant independent tribute to the first two Paper mario games: will receive an update on November 5th, updating the game to version 1.1.

This update will add three new missions, new bosses, some quality of life changes, including improved races, faster cooking, and the ability to purchase recipes. And last but not least, some mysterious “other” additions.

The full patch notes will be available on launch day. For now, check out the trailer for this update below:

Will you return to Bug Fables: The Everlasting Sapling to try out this new update? Tell us in the comments.

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