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BTC and XRP fall to the lows of the last few weeks

Bitcoin 4 hour chart

The price of Bitcoin has surpassed key levels during yesterday's exchanges creating a more bullish prospect.

Many analysts looked at $ 3840 as an area for its price to move on to the next.

However, the bullish price action did not follow up and the price fell below the $ 3684 level.

After failing to continue its bullish movements, the price has dropped to the last few weeks and has found support at this level.

The price rebounded from this level of support and consolidated around $ 3520 in the last hours of trading.

XRP 4 hour chart

The XRP was trading more bearishly during the price action of the past few weeks.

The price of XRP failed to exceed the resistance level of $ 0.335 during yesterday's rise, and we noted in yesterday's article that it would be likely to fall to the last few weeks if the market does not continue to rise.

The price has dropped in recent weeks, similar to Bitcoin.

The last few weeks are around $ 0.31, but since then the price has risen to $ 0.315 and has been consolidated here in the last few hours.

The consolidation now underway in Bitcoin and XRP increases the likelihood that the next significant will be bearish.

When the price is consolidated after a fall, this is often followed by another fall.

Key Takeaways:

  • Both Bitcoin and XRP have fallen in the last few weeks of the last trading day, and both have found liquidity at this point.
  • Yesterday they went up with bitcoin, which looks much more bullish after passing the $ 3684 resistance.
  • Both have rebounded from the lowest point in recent weeks and have consolidated in the last hours.




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