Broken heel! This candidate must go to the clinic after an appointment


Bad injury in bachelorette candidate Daniel Mladjovic

In the third week, bachelorette party Melissa really fucks her candidates on group dates. The program features a tough obstacle course and the 25-year-old has a lot of fun cheering on the men and chasing them over obstacles. Candidates really give EVERYTHING, but that too has negative consequences. One injured his face, the other had shoulder pain and one knee went limp. But Daniel Mladjovic (31) is the most affected. He unhappily hits the floor after jumping and even has to go to the hospital. We show what exactly happens in the video.

“I still want to try to win your heart”

Despite his injury early in the course, Daniel gritted his teeth: “Sure, I ran for Melissa.” For him, the group appointment ends in a place he would have preferred to do without: in the hospital. The men return to the mansion without him and must first digest the shock. “As with the Bundeswehr, nothing bad, really bad”, they say to those who stayed at the group appointment.

Daniel finally returns late in the evening – with two souvenirs under his arms. The 31-year-old walks on crutches and says: “The CT just found out a triangle in the back of his heel has burst. […] My heel broke. “However it is certain:” I still want to try to win your heart. And of course I also hope that it will continue to give me the opportunity to do so. “

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