Brad Pitt supports Joe Biden in the new campaign announcement


Most Hollywood stars support the Democratic candidate.


Brad Pitt has joined the support of Democratic candidate for the presidency of the United States, Joe Biden, by lending his voice for a new advertisement published a week before the election on November 3.

In the commercial, which first aired during weekend sports competitions, the actor claims that Biden is the perfect candidate to be “president of all Americans.”

“America is a place for everyone. Those who elect this country, who fight for it. Some Republicans, some Democrats and most in between are looking for the same thing: someone who understands their hopes, dreams and pains.” Pitt says.

Among the images of Biden meeting several workers, the protagonist of “Once Upon a Time in … Hollywood” states that it takes a president “to bring people together”.

“Someone who works as much for the people who voted for him as for those who didn’t. May he be a president for all Americans,” he says.

Hollywood turns to Biden
Pitt is the latest Hollywood star to publicly show his support for the Democratic nomination in this presidential election.

Last week, most of the cast of “Avengers,” the highest-grossing movie franchise, held a virtual event with Vice President nominee Kamala Harris. Chris Evans, Scarlett Johansson, Mark Ruffalo, Don Cheadle, Paul Rudd and Zoë Saldaña have signed up for the initiative.

Taylor Swift, the artist who has sold the most records this decade, has also called for a vote for Biden after breaking her silence on political issues during Donald Trump’s tenure.

Swift’s announcement came after Grammy-winning artist Billie Eilish called for a vote for Biden with a message assuring Trump: “He’s destroying our country and everything that matters to us.” .

For their part, Eva Longoria and America Ferrera are two of the most prominent Latin voices calling for a vote for the Democrats.


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