BOLA – “FC Porto had a great feeling with Evanilson” (FC Porto)


Abel Braga made his debut with Evanilson in the first team of Fluminense, in the defeat for Flu against Boavista do Rio, which preceded the departure of the striker in Slovakia, part of a large group of players entrusted by Cariocas to the Slovaks of Samorin . The historic Brazilian coach, who became famous in Portugal with his work in Famalicão and Belenenses, called the boy from the base, pushing him to a global vision. And Evanilson proves, after three years, that he is in a hurry to appear in Europe, when he decides the match with Gil Vicente.

“I remember a bold and loose boy. I felt I had played well on the side and I was not afraid of making mistakes. But he came to suffer from a bruise, he gave up his choices and our paths drifted apart. I started seeing him more on television, ”says Abel Braga, well informed of the Portuguese reality and the combination of factors for the young striker, 21, to have the maximum success in the national champion.

«It’s a contract with FC Porto, which has a very broad vision of the Brazilian player, knows who to sign and the right time. And he hired Evanilson at a very good time, as he’s in a big phase. He had an excellent Brasileirão and when he wasn’t playing with the team he resented it. FC Porto was able to anticipate and look ahead and that surprise effect is already there with his first goal in his first game as a starter “, underlines Abel Braga, one of the most titled coaches in Brazil, who bet on Evanilson at 18 years.

«FC Porto recruits very well in South America, they are patient and know how to manage young people. We all know how Deco and Carlos Alberto managed. They are incredible, they have a great feeling in terms of indication and player responsiveness. They understand what they can give to the team and then to the club financially. FC Porto saw the spectacular moment in Evanilson’s career and saw the possibility of doing good business, because Fluminense had to negotiate. It was a great action for FC Porto », the manager also praises.

«I have already played more than 20 players from the Fluminense base in three passes that have given many fruits for the club. Evanilson has an incredible personality and is a player ready to make a difference at the right time. It is difficult to predict what can happen at the selection level, it is a very strong controversy at a very high level. But I have no doubt that his time will come. He has an interesting profile, he’s a photocopy of Richarlison. He has the same height, speed and is a player who pulls defenders. The type of player who doesn’t play badly, like at home or away, there is no big game or less game. Posture defines them », he guarantees.

«Evanilson played from the sides, he started playing inside and the result is in sight. They are strong at the start and have speed changes, which do not limit them on the pitch. They are virile and aggressive. Evanilson can push the full-back to the end and hit the attacker with a diagonal ball. But it is also vertical to play inside and knows how to position itself between center and side. He is a great player who has everything to bring joy to FC Porto ”, emphasizes Abel Braga.


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