“Blue Moon”: the rare cosmic event that can be seen this October 31 (and will not repeat until 2023)


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The best time to see the “Blue Moon” will be when the night of October 31st is darkest and the sky is clear.

It is not actually blue. It is a full moon, like all the others, the color with which most full moons are seen: light gray, milky white or silver.

What makes this phenomenon strange, which folklore has dubbed as “Blue Moon” or “Blue Moon”, is that From Lsome full in just one month, when the normal thing is to see one.

A lunar cycle, the period in which all phases of the moon occur, repeats approximately every 29.5 days.

If it coincides that the full moon occurs on the first or second day e the month has 31 daysThis is when a second full moon is likely to appear.

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