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How time flies! He will bring a birthday cake and 10 candles with him next year when the cryptocurrency celebrates its first decade on the planet.

And what an exciting and eventful period the digital pioneer of money has gone through -Bitcoin- saw the first light of the day in 2009.

Both crypto and its original understudy -blockchain- became some of the words d & The hottest order of the last few years. And everyone in their right, like the world, understood that technologies represent revolutionary solutions and opportunities for the digital age in which we live.

We have also seen global exuberance, euphoria, cryptographic values ​​to the stars and, of course, extreme volatility of the market in which humanity has enthusiastically celebrated the advent of the new era. While at the same time regulators and governments around the world have had to deal with the choice of people and introduce the digital currency and the blockchain in their paintings.

Although the process is ongoing and likely to take a long time, given the vast disruptive effect, it is committed to gaining massive momentum in key economies. For example, as Fortune magazine writes, in the US state of Arizona, residents can already pay their taxes through certain cryptocurrencies.

While today there are more than 1,800 different digital currencies available in a market worth hundreds of billions of dollars. And after being around for almost ten years, it's time for the crypto to embrace the bargain of the bargain.

"But why do not we see the digital currencies used more on a daily basis?", I hear you ask. Exactly! There are several problems that hinder the easy daily use of cryptography.

Enter BlocPal, the most advanced method to pay, simplified!


Continue reading to see what current industry issues are and how BlocPal has come to revolutionize cryptographic payments. Plus, how you can become part of its success story as a proud owner of BPX Coin.

Problem: the scrambles are difficult to spend and expensive

Digital Currency check all the boxes to be the best payment solution ever seen. Above all in our globalized and integrated world and during this, the digital era, where convenience and boundless immediacy have become the norm.

However, even if the crypto industry has achieved breathtaking growth and extraordinary technological progress in a relatively short period of time there are still several problems that prevent the massive and ever-growing global community of cryptocurrency owners of use it as a regular payment method.

In an article entitled "That's why crypto is not accepted for multiple daily transactions", the popular publication of financial and business news, Business Insider, wrote that by the end of 2016 there were already 11,291 retailers in all the world accepting encrypted payments from customers. And for 2017 alone, this figure has increased by over 30%.

"At the same time, users have also warmed up the idea: a recent survey found that 40% of people know the digital currency would be open to using it in daily transactions," continues Business Insider.

The publication also lists the "main obstacles to the use of cryptocurrency for daily transactions", of which slow transaction times and high fees are two of the main ones.

Regarding the first, "The average confirmation for Bitcoin takes about 20 minutes per transaction at this time – but during past business periods (as in January 2018), it reached 41 hours", wrote Business Insider at the time. And while processing times have further improved, even now – in the second half of 2018 – they can still take several minutes to issue a simple encryption authorization.

While, in terms of commissions, Bitcoin transactions cost $ 40 each month, although it has undergone a significant reduction since then, Business Insider wrote. But even at a cost of between 5-10 US dollars per transaction in the current times, cryptography is still considered too expensive for daily payments.

But there's still great optimism while people around the world are working incessantly on cryptographic payment solutions, Business Insider has continued.

"Crypto e-payment companies are constantly introducing new technologies and capabilities that could potentially reduce transaction costs and provide immediate solutions for resellers, while also eliminating the problem of fraudulent chargebacks. significantly more attractive to the masses as a form of payment ", concluded Business Insider

. However, while echoing the optimism expressed in the previous paragraph, it should be noted that e-wallets that as an integral part of many cryptocurrencies today are still too simplistic to holistically cover the payment needs of encrypted users and merchants at the same way.

For example, existing e-wallets are not normally oriented for 24/7 support, instant and secure regulation, know-your-client (KYC) regulatory requirements and automatic generation of invoices, to name just a few flaws.

BlocPal is the ideal encryption solution for everyday life

The BlocPal decentralized all-in-one blockchain payment platform represents single wallet that users and merchants will ever need! dl = 0

BlocPal focuses on providing the exact tools needed by crypto users and merchants today to ensure fast, borderless, secure, smooth and low-cost payments on the go.

Users can enjoy all the features and benefits of BlocPal that have been designed specifically to make shopping enjoyable and hassle free:

  • BlocPal Double-Secure Wallet: the one-stop solution that provides multi-cryptocurrency and fiat interchangeability for payments and deposits.
  • Low Fees.
  • Easy QR Code Scanner: immediate approval at merchant terminals and automatic proof of payment receipt.
  • Royalty Rewards – receive free BPX coins per transaction, even throws.
  • And much more!

Even merchants will benefit from BlocPal like never before:

  • BlocPal integrates seamlessly with physical and online activities. Sign up in minutes and start the race with easy API integration and plug-ins for the most popular e-commerce software.
  • Receive money in seconds – not minutes or hours – transactions are approved instantly.
  • Transaction fees lower than 1% – beats credit / debit cards and other hand-held electronic wallets down
  • Multiple cryptocurrencies are already accepted – and growing.
  • Award program for both merchants and their customers.
  • No chargebacks.
  • Convert your encryption to fiat and BlocPal automatically inserts it into your bank.
  • Know-your-client functionality (KYC).
  • Anti-Money Laundering Procedures (AML).
  • And much more!

BlocPal scans QR encodes and sets instantly – easy conversion fiat / crypto

and Enterprise customers, entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs will also love BlocPal because, in addition to all the advantages and features listed above, the platform provides more revolutionary solutes

  • API for developers.
  • White labels / brand services.
  • Customized blockchain solutions.
  • Robust back-office systems.
  • Equity financing / crowdfunding.
  • Compliance with titles.
  • Corporate governance.

Extensive information in terms of features, benefits and breakthrough technology associated with BlocPal's decentralized all-in-one blockchain payment platform are available on the website and in the investor presentation package.

The BPX currency – A securities token adhering to the Securities Act

BlocPal is currently inviting investors to participate in its success story through the ownership of the token BLOC, commonly known as BPX Coin.

BPX Coin holders will receive 33% of BlocPal's net income in royalties.

Investor information is available in Frequently Asked Questions, while disclosure in terms of use of initial proceeds and distribution of tokens is made on the website and in the Investor Presentation package.

BLOC holders will be able to trade each other's BPX at the end of all funding rounds and regulatory sign-offs. Based on the prospects envisaged by BlocPal, it is possible that the value of the BPX currency increases over time.

For more information, contact BlocPal on the website.

Management, Milestones & Roadmap

BlocPal International Inc. is a private company incorporated under the laws of Canada .

The company is under the capable management of a group of highly skilled, qualified and experienced industry veterans who have successfully processed $ 25 billion in transactions and counting!

BlocPal's exciting journey started in 2017 and although several milestones have already been reached, many others are planned for the future.

Further information on the leadership group and the BlocPal roadmap can be viewed on the website and on the investor presentation package


Digital currency has made a long and exciting development since its inception ten years ago. And it's time to embrace the next level of functionality.

BlocPal's decentralized all-in-one blockchain payment platform has come to make daily cryptographic transactions the easy and preferred choice for traders, businesses and consumers to go.


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