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"Blockchain technology is something that will inevitably change human life": Contentos Co-founder – BlockPublisher

Contentos, a decentralized platform to empower content creators, advertisers and consumers, is one of 2018's most promising startup blockchains. Mick (Chang-Chieh) Tsai, the co-founder of Contentos, spoke to BlockPublisher about the challenges and how blockchain is about to change the world, he said;

"Blockchain technology is something that will inevitably change human life, there is no way to go back in. The advertising campaign created in the last year was useful, but my prediction or my observation is that, within the end of 2019, about 80% of the existing blockchain startups will vanish and the reason is very simple, they will not create true business value to build a real product for the real customer or the general public.Many of them are building something only for crypto user and it will start to shrink because it is difficult to get into the normal life of users.One must understand the right way to build a real business case, the real value for the real user & # 39;.

Mick stressed the need for why blockchain-based startups also need a very strong and declared business model;

Everyone will return to the traditional business logic to create a business model, otherwise it does not matter if someone uses blockchain or not, they will not survive. People try to use blockchain technology to strengthen or improve some existing business models, we are not trying to replace it but we are trying to find something that today can not be done with a centralized platform with a centralized service provider because they are intermediaries. On our platform, one user will help the other user to use decentralized content in a way to create a real business case and help them get value in the form of USD and a content generator will start to make revenue come alive ".

Speaking with BlockPublisher, Mick discussed the sense of insecurity, content producers have centralized platforms and they said;

& # 39; I will give you a concrete example; when we build an ecosystem of decentralized content, it is difficult to track the copyright and all those types of value distribution, but at the end of the day my competitor is no more blockchain of content, my competitor is actually YouTube and Instagram. We need to convince the creator of the content to move from existing YouTube to our platform. If they still feel they are doing well on the central platform, they can live very well down there, but on our platform, there is the opportunity to help those little creators of content work and collaborate together. In the traditional world it is difficult to ask them to create content together, we must be sure that content creators know each other and are familiar with each other. For example, if a musician has created a background soundtrack, the soundtrack is used by some video creators, who have created an exceptional video, uploaded to YouTube and full of visualizations, but the video creator may not want to share anything with the musician. This is the kind of existing environment, we have heard a lot of controversy like these in which people have claimed that their music was stole and was not accredited. "

Speaking of how Contentos will bring content creators from around the world to collaborate on a decentralized platform, said Mick;

"In this kind of thing, the centralized platform never tries to intervene, what we think is, and if we could use the smart contracts of power blockchain and all these kinds of things, helping the world of creators to work together. to agree on the chain and set the values ​​For example, if the audience reaches a certain level, the value will be divided among the creators of content.All these types of things can be achieved with blockchain. sort of semi-decentralized shape & # 39;

"When people want to watch videos or something like that next year, most people will continue to enjoy all of this content on YouTube or on the live streaming platform, but in terms of revenue sharing, in terms of of cooperation, has the possibility to be separate the other blockchain and to use an intelligent contract to facilitate all the collaborations shares.We want to make sure that that type of business model can really succeed in the next year, sure some years later, if everyone starts to think that content creators are developing valuable things, all of these creators will move on to our platform.This is our ultimate goal, but we have to be really realistic and, step by step, we'll start building a true business case that really is something that is lacking in today's blockchain community ".

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