Bittrex Exchange adds the markets of XRP and Ethereum Classic (ETC) of Ripple in USD

  Bittrex Exchange adds the XRP markets of Ripple and Ethereum Classic (ETC) USD

Bittrex, the famous virtual currency exchange has added new USD mates to their platform . According to a blog post uploaded by the Bittrex Communications Team on August 8, 2018, they will launch US dollar markets for Ethereum Classic (ETC) and XRP.

With a gradual approach, the exchange is slowly integrating this fiat currency into their platform, with the intention of including new trading pairs linked to the US dollar in new traders to gain access to the cryptocurrency market.

The company explains that not only will they offer customers a direct experience in buying virtual currencies with US dollars, but they will offer pairs of dollars that are not available in other trading platforms.

In the future they will offer new exchange pairs connected to US dollars. In this way, Bittrex will offer cheaper, faster and safer trading options. In addition, users will have the opportunity to enjoy from fiat to crypto-pairs and not just from crypto to crypto-markets.

The exchange does not allow everyone on the platform to trade using US dollars. At the moment, it is possible to request USD trading only for those who have a Bittrex company and personal account and who reside in eligible states. Customers living outside the initially approved locations will have to wait a little longer before enjoying the benefits of having USD trading pairs.

Bittrex says they very carefully analyze which resource to add. As they take a step-by-step approach, they also take the time to decide how and when to add a new cryptocurrency trading pair. Indeed, the exchange is open to receive and evaluate new virtual currencies to be added to the USD platform and markets.

Information on the announcement, Bittrex commented:

"Today's announcement is another exciting step towards a further adoption of blockchain technology, which is truly revolutionary. broader acceptance, the expansion of stock markets to the major digital currencies on our trading platform will help to limit the dominance and influence of any token compared to other blockchain projects: an evolution needed if we want to unleashing the potential benefits of blockchain for consumers and

At the moment, Bittrex is the 38th most important exchange of virtual currencies on the market with 284 different trading pairs and a volume in the last 24 hours of $ 27 million dollars. most important are BTC / USDT, ETH / BTC, ADA / BTC, XRP / BTC and ETH / USDT, which represent more than 30% of total trading volume.

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