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Bittrex Crypto exchange to add the Tron TRX-USD pair on September 17, 2018

Bittrex Crypto exchange to add the Tron TRX-USD pair on September 17, 2018

Justin Sun, CEO of the Tron Foundation, tweeted the announcement of the last couple added on the pair of bittrrex exchange-Tron (TRX) in US dollars (USD) [TRX/USD]- 17 September 2018

The Bittrex exchange has announced its plan to add the TRX / USD pair to its trading tables this Wednesday, September 12, 2018. The Twitter version has been much appreciated by most admirers of the exchange and the cryptocurrency while the trading goes live on September 17thth 2018.

The addition of fiat pairs of exchanges to TRX in the next few days to the exchange of Bittrex has been highly praised by the premier of Tron Foundation and co-founder of the blockchain Tron, Justin Sun. The enthusiastic CEO has seemed optimistic in the 39; last addition of the TRX / USD trading pair to Bittrex, emphasizing the importance of pushing TRON towards global adoption.

It is expected that the Bittrex exchange will open trades between the TRX and the US dollar on September 17, as the spectacular year of TRON continues despite its difficulties in price classifications. Bittrex is currently one of the most popular exchanges in the world of cryptocurrency trading. With a total daily volume of $ 61 million worth of encryption traded on the platform, Bittrex offers a liquid and deep market for traders of the TRX / USD pairs.

TRX to Bittrex reaction that lists the TRX / USD pair

Tron (TRX) benefited slightly from the latest news from their CEO and Bittrex as people crowded to buy the token after the announcement. The slight increase seen in the price from a year to now the price of $ 0.017356 USD in the early hours of Wednesday at a current price of $ 0.018194 USD. As the market has plummeted in recent months, TRX has seen its price decline as a result. Since the beginning of June, after Tron's main network has been launched, the currency has seen its price drop of over 70% all due to market factors.

7-day TRX / USD chart showing the peak after Bittrex added the TRX / USD pair

This recent combination of TRX with one of the world's strongest currencies, the USD, will serve as redemption for a currency that has worked poorly over the past few months. Moreover, the burden of over-processing of the TRX token with Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) will be raised when fiat trading will take shape on the Bittrex exchange. According to Coinmarketcap, less than 10% of all TRX transactions are combined with the USD or any other legal tender currency. The TRX / USD addition is destined to improve these trading volumes, offering investors a less volatile pair to deal with.

Members of the Tron community will be thrilled with the latest addition of the TRX / USD pair as the market approaches the fourth quarter which has long been known for its bullish momentum in the cryptocurrency market.

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