Bitcoin's largest mining company in the world points to Houston for US expansion


AntPool owned by Bitmain Technologies is seeking to increase its customer base with Texas and the Gulf Coast as a first stop

HOUSTON, Texas – August 7, 2018 – AntPool, one of the world's major cryptocurrencies and The Bitcoin mining companies announced today that Houston will be the first ever growing city in the United States to grow and strengthen its customer base while educating consumers on mining technology. The company has identified Houston as a high-potential market and is already acquiring customers in the Gulf Coast area and throughout Texas.

"The diversity of Houston and the already prosperous mining community make the city a perfect launch pad from the customer's point of view – it's a very exciting time for the digital currency community and as we continue to collaborate with the mining community , we will give equal importance to education, "said Haijiao Li, AntPool Overseas Operations Manger. "As cryptographic currencies and mining activities become more consumer-oriented, customers are realizing that anyone can be a miner and if it undermines with our company or another, we want to lead the conversation about what they are mines and digital currencies. "

In the space of five months in 2014, AntPool took its first block and launched it to the public, and since then the company has been at the forefront of cryptocurrency. In fact, AntPool extracts the second largest amount of Bitcoins in the world, about 15 percent of all blocks.

The process of mining digital currency involves the purchase and use of specialized hardware and software dedicated to the compilation of recent block transactions and the attempt to solve an algorithm that only a computer can theoretically solve. Anyone who solves the puzzle ultimately claims the benefits associated with the transactions compiled in the block. Thus, the process stimulates more miners and mines by increasing the speed at which the blocks are resolved, which in turn generates more specific currencies.

AntPool is owned and operated by Bitmain Technologies which also owns Antminer and Hashnet.

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