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Bitcoin Pump Set for Primetime in 2019, but Ethereum (ETH) and Ripple (XRP) See Sky High Optimism

Bitcoin Pump Set for Primetime in 2019, but Ethereum (ETH) and Ripple (XRP) See Sky High Optimism

Nobody could deny that the crypto markets are suffering now. 2018 is about to end and the situation in the encrypted market is terrible. From its value of over $ 700 billion, the market is only slightly upwards of $ 100 billion USD now. Despite the difficult times the market is facing, however, some experts are very optimistic about the future and believe that 2019 may indeed be good enough.

Ethereum World News has recently published an article that defended the idea that both ETH and XRP will have an excellent 2019. The article states that, after the Bitcoin incident that happened in August, when prices have fallen by invisible levels in the year, most of the altcoins have been pushed down, but there is room to change next year.

According to Mike Novogratz, the billionaire investors who founded Galaxy Digital, the year was simply horrible for the people involved in the market. There was, according to him, a lot of reasons to be depressed with the effects of the bear market.

However, Novogratz, like any crypt evangelist, has also discovered reasons to be excited for 2019. According to him, the blockchain will be more widely adopted in other areas such as gaming and finances.

Because of this fact, Novogratz thinks that a great adaptation will take place in the next two years and that a lot of value will be built into the blockchain within the e-gaming space.

With the news that Facebook is thinking of creating a stablecoin for its WhatsApp platform and that the company is focusing on India, there is much to be excited about doing now on the market. Despite the fact that the Fed has recently stated that it no longer wants to develop its own national cryptocurrency, the market is simply far from abandoning the crypts.

Facebook could push the criptos into the spotlight for once and for all and this would push prices upwards and catalyze the interest of many other sectors that were not so interested in blockchain technology to date.

The future of ETH

The managing director of BitMex, Arthur Hayes, has already stressed that the interest in stablecoin is very large at the moment and, because of this, more people could be interested in Ethereum.

Despite the fact that Ethereum has lost most of its value this year and that the token has lagged behind Ripple's XRP, ETH may face a new awakening if the ICO landscape returns or if ETH-based stablecoins become popular.

According to Hayes, Ethereum it will rebound from its losses and, in 2020, its prices will be big again. The main problem that Ethereum had to face was that the market was flooded with bad teams and ideas.

The ICO market was so unsuccessful because there were too many teams that only sailed on the advertising campaign to earn easy money and did not deliver good products, but this could change in the future. There has also been a lot of fraud and theft and now people are cautious about investing in ICOs, which have directly affected ETH.

The future of XRP

Another token that could be very successful in 2019 and in 2020 is XRP, the Ripple token. Now, the token is in second place in the market capitalization. Ironically, the article described, the token is ending with the enthusiastic people for the following year, something that happened even in 2017.

This time, however, people believe that the future of XRP is more robust. The list of Coinbase, which never really happened, seems more likely for 2019 and Binance is also thinking of using XRP as a base pair in its exchange.

While the potential of XRP may not be as big as it is ETH immediately, the product of the company is not bad. Ripple continue the development of its cross-border remittance product and will seek to create more partnerships to guarantee the future of the company.

The future of both companies can be quite exciting now, so we just have to wait to see if the promises will finally be fulfilled in 2019 and the cryptic market will return to shine.

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