Bitcoin prolongs the rally for the anniversary of the prizes to hit $ 3,800 while Altcoins goes higher


Wednesday, December 19 – The cryptocurrency markets continue a new rally with Bitcoin (BTC) touching $ 3,800 and bringing altcoins to recover their last losses.

Market display

Market display from Coin360

The Cointelegraph, CoinMarketCap and Coin360 price index data confirm the prolonged rebound, which began Monday and continued until Tuesday.

After a slight correction, almost all of the top 20 capitalization assets started to rise higher, with BTC / USD supporting $ 3,750.

Last week, the pair had hit a low of $ 3,130 in warnings that a much larger fall could be imminent, potentially bringing the bitcoin to $ 1,300 or less.

At the time of printing, the largest cryptocurrency was traded on major stock exchanges for around $ 3,830.

Bitcoin 7-day price chart

Bitcoin 7-day price chart. Source: CoinMarketCap

In the high-end markets, it was Bitcoin Cash (BCH) which led the recovery, after the business had traded faster than most, to trade well below the August 2017 issue price.

After rising two positions higher in the market share ranking since Tuesday, BCH traded around $ 117 at the time of printing, with a maximum of 33% in daily earnings.

Chart of prices in 7 days of Bitcoin Cash

Chart of prices in 7 days of Bitcoin Cash. Source: CoinMarketCap

Subsequently, Waves (WAVES) exceeded the growth rate of BCH, rising by 59 percent in the day to reach $ 4.34 and returning to the top 20.

Other impressive performances were shown by IOTA (MIOTA), 20.5%, TRON, 18.5% and Ripple (XRP) at 13.9%.

Ethereum (ETH), formerly the largest altcoin by market capitalization before being overtaken by XRP, also managed to scrape up triple figures after falling to its lowest levels in 18 months.

ETH has been very sensitive to Bitcoin's volatility over the past few weeks, but at the time of printing it has gained over 11 percent to reach $ 104.

Ethereum 7-day price table

Ethereum 7-day price table. Source: CoinMarketCap

A year ago, BTC / USD had reached its record price of over $ 20,000 on some exchanges.

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